Campus placement is a matter of utmost concern for students and educational institutions in today's world. While it assists the students in laying a solid foundation for their professional careers, a triumphant placement record bestows an institute with a competitive privilege in the education market. Combating the COVID pandemic, adapting to the new virtual educational … Continue reading PLACEMENT REPORT 2020-2021

BIT Sindri and SAIL-ISP sign a MoU

"When educational institutions and industries tie knots, students and industrialists both share the fruits of collaboration." It is a well-known truth that for an educational institution to rise and soar, collaboration with industries is of utmost importance and necessity. Keeping this facet of higher education in view, B. I. T. Sindri and SAIL-ISP signed a … Continue reading BIT Sindri and SAIL-ISP sign a MoU

Calling Newton

The Newton in us, if there is one, is not an omnipotent beast that we can unleash and have devour all that lies in those tomes. No! It is more like a candle that has to be kindled but the darkness is too much to subdue


कविता रूपी विशाल सागर को, कमण्डल में समाहित करती सार हो तुम।बिखरे हुए मेरे विचलित मन को समेटकर, मुझे स्वयं से जोड़ती डोर हो तुम।मीत! मैं मौन हूँ, तो शब्द हो तुम।। अंधकार रूपी घने बादलों को छाँटकर, प्रकाश की परिधि बढ़ाते सूर्य हो तुम।चहुँ ओर प्रसारित निराशा रूपी तूफान में, हिम्मत बांधती आशा की स्त्रोत हो तुम।मीत!मैं कश्ती हूँ, … Continue reading मीत