श्रम और विश्राम

भवसागर है जो संघर्ष का, करते हैं मेहनत हम  काँटों पर चलने का, मिथ्या सुख की मृग-तृष्णा से भाग-भाग कर थकने का, बुन रहे ऐसा मकड़ी जाल इर्द-गिर्द अपने कि खुद ही साधन बटोरते अपने आप दम तोड़ने का। संसार है श्रम और तपस्या एकमात्र विश्राम। अरे! एक बार विश्राम करके तो देखो! अलल पक्षी-सा … Continue reading श्रम और विश्राम

Webinar on Careers in Indian Navy by Captain S. Ravindra

“Character commands the sea and assiduity is the fuel of the vessel.” The Indian Navy is an exceptional assortment of men and women, with their unwavering dedication, dominating the capricious seas. The naval uniform commands respect from young and old alike and to feel the invigorating presence of a naval officer leaves an indelible mark … Continue reading Webinar on Careers in Indian Navy by Captain S. Ravindra

Bless the Disease

Warm and opulent, the Sun broke freeFrom the horizon with a promising glee.Radiance striking the streets forsakenTill break of dawn when men awaken.Tarry a nonce; a quaint anomaly:On roads once bustling, now lingered monotony. A deadly sickness prevailed for long;Giving breath to Nature's mellow song.She blew her trumpet: bold and sweet;Then crept, from crevices, her … Continue reading Bless the Disease