TRIVENI’19-Escalating the technical buzz.

"It is impossible", said Pride. "It is risky", said experience. "It is pointless", said reason. It was none for the engineers-in-making. The morning of 17th March 2019 marked the advent of the much awaited annual TECHNICAL FEST in the premises of B.I.T Sindri. The event spanning 3 days was organized with the collaborative efforts of … Continue reading TRIVENI’19-Escalating the technical buzz.


Great things begin when great minds gather. Aiming to provide hands-on experience of the use of process and flow simulation software ASPEN -plus and Ansys CFD, a five-day workshop on Flow and Process Simulation in Process Industries (FAPSIPI -2018), 29 Oct -02 Nov 2018 was organised by the department of chemical engineering, sponsored by TEQIP … Continue reading FAPSIPI-2018


After showcasing the immense talent of engineers in fields of art & culture through the cultural fest last month, the clubs of institute came together to exhibit what an engineer can do in his area of expertise through a technical fest. Jointly organized by Model Club, IETE, and ISTE ,the tech fest continued from 13th-15th … Continue reading GLIMPSES OF TECHNICAL FEST

अनगिनत रंगों की फुहार-रेनबो ‘१८

  कहते हैं किसी देश का विकास उसके नौनिहालों से होता है। हम उन्हें जिस तरह के संस्कारों से सींचेंगे देश उसी राह मे बढ़ेगा । बच्चों के सर्वांगीण विकास के लिए शिक्षा के साथ अन्य गतिविधियाँ भी आवश्यक है।इसी कड़ी में प्रयास इंडिया की ओर से हर वर्ष रेनबो का आयोजन होता है जोकि … Continue reading अनगिनत रंगों की फुहार-रेनबो ‘१८