Hindi Diwas

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How many of us actually knew that Hindi is spoken as a native language by almost 500 million people and is recognized as the second most-spoken language in the world?? Very few we guess!!
In honour of this language, we celebrate Hindi Divas every year on 14th September all across the country.

During this occasion, We, the members of SARJANA, conduct “Hindi Pakhwada” in our college where all the students of our college are allowed to participate and showcase their talent in our mother tongue. The competition consists of various segments namely:
•CARTOON KONA, and many more


‘Ankur’ is an exclusive competition organised by Sarjana for the members of 1st year. It intends to explore literary talents among students and showcase their skills. It provides a nice platform to gain recognition through your imagination and words.
        The competition comprises of various sections which include:
• Picture Perfect
•Take a Cue
•Word Attack,
and many others. The competition is conducted online as well as offline for the convenience of students and winners are decided accordingly


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Any organisation’s biggest asset is its Alumni. Sarjana proudly boasts of its immense alumni network that exists and makes the very foundation of “Sarjana Family”. With every passing batch, our bond gets only stronger. It’s mystically amazing how our alumni still have a Sarjanite’s heart even after leaving college years ago. There’s nothing more overwhelming than having an entirely informal yet fruitful interactive session with such people who have a foot on the zenith of a successful career, while the other deeply rooted to the place, the institution that made them what they are.
Visamvaad- derived from Hindi words vishesh and samvaad – together making it “a special conversation”; which is exactly what Visamvaad is. Held every year in March-April, it calls for a literary rendezvous, with both the alumni and in-college sarjanites sharing their own creations with each other and the alumni providing some valuable suggestions on the magazine’s latest edition, Sarjana events and much more. An enriching two-day experience, wherein, apart from Sarjana and literature, a lot more awaits. Meeting with highly successful people, who were once one of us, is inspirational and motivates us for our better future. Visamvaad leaves us with positive energy, making us much more optimistic, ambitious and of course, creative.


“Prawah”, literally “the flow”, is a cultural mega-event organised by Sarjana, to inculcate a sense of critical appreciation towards arts and culture. A plethora of events organised under this umbrella are creative writing competition, skits, musical performances and Kavi Sammelan.

The event has been a grand success repeatedly over the years and received, the overwhelming response from the institute’s students, professors and media