Smiling Buddha

Recently DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation), India successfully tested the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle which led India to the list of select few nations with such cutting-edge technology. Upholding sovereignty and maintaining peace has always been of foremost importance to India. The nation is truly proud and appreciative of DRDO and other such organisations … Continue reading Smiling Buddha


Making us witness some unforgettable episodes of political settlements, some promising and some contentious, the year 2019 has finally come to fruition. 2019 was one major year. Why? The biggest and most satisfying of all reasons for us is that we saw the publication of the 34th Edition of the Institute Magazine, Sarjana. The signature, … Continue reading WELCOMING 2020 WITH HOPE, DETERMINATION AND ZEAL

A story of perseverance: Swapnil Singh

Congratulations Ma'am!! What was your first reaction when you found out your result? I was very confused because the very first time I saw the results; I couldn't find my name in it. Someone had sent the pictures of the result and as such, I didn't get the pdf of results; I was like CHALO … Continue reading A story of perseverance: Swapnil Singh

Embrace the New Beginning

“Apocalypse will eradicate humanity in 2012"– they said. Then we, the survivors are entering the 7th year post apparent annihilation. The year 2018 is about to culminate and a New Year imbued with hopes, resolutions and checklists is approaching us. 2018 made us witness some hilarious crossovers, epic memes, bizarre social media trends, historic Supreme … Continue reading Embrace the New Beginning