Sarjana, derived from the Sanskrit word “Srijan” meaning “to create”, describes the college representative magazine of BIT Sindri  quite aptly. As the name implies, creativity is what we are identified by.

The magazine in its essence, is a mirror of the views, aspirations and imaginations of all the stake holders of BIT, viz, students, staff, faculties and guests, and provides them a platform “to create” something of literary value with their skills and talent. It is also a mirror of current happenings in the campus, along with some priceless pathfinding stories and suggestions from pioneers of our society. So we, the college editorial board, have come up with something that won’t confine Sarjana to only pages, but beyond.

This website itself is another extension of Sarjana into the e-space and is aimed at fulfilling the same purpose of providing a canvas for students to showcase their talents, extending its reach beyond BIT and enriching it with ideas and voices from around the world. After all, creativity is a boon one must not desolate.
Come, share your vision and let us broaden our perspective