How pertinent was Anti-Padmavat Movement?

  Public perception is that the karni sena has destroyed our HISTORY TEACHER BHANSALI’s magnum opus Padmavat which could've resulted in him being bankrupt. Pity! Poor chaps.They are oblivious of the maneuver of the glamour world. Self-proclaimed defenders of Rajputana Shaan have given everyone some kaarans to rejoice. The government is happy due to actual … Continue reading How pertinent was Anti-Padmavat Movement?

INDO-CHINA CONFLICT: Hypocrisy & Nationalism

All it comes down to is nationalism, isn’t it? No sooner do we watch a news bulletin on air of Indo-China dispute, than the dead patriotism inside every Indian starts cauterizing. We Indians are born effigies of self-proclaimed nationalists, defined in our own dictionary. The statements would become more lucid once you acquaint yourself with … Continue reading INDO-CHINA CONFLICT: Hypocrisy & Nationalism