Nothing mattered now. Nothing.

And still, everything, now mattered.

Trivial things, all of a sudden began to look so much more important. Things like the corridors which were scaled innumerable times, doors which were kicked open on countless occasions and the walls which were embossed upon by their earlier occupants began to present a whole new meaning. That, the people who had scribbled on those walls were history. That, he was a day away from meeting the same fate. And that, a new beginning for him was the end of “us”.

He had undergone a shift of paradigm. It was one of those moments when you stop fighting and start arriving. With a deep breath, he swallowed all his agony and grief which were a solid bitter rising lump inside him. He had restrained from thinking about this moment all along, convincing himself that it would be the same routine affair but now that it had arrived, he could hardly brace himself for the impact. Fate, as it seems is not without a sense of humor.

Bidding adieu was never meant to be easy. He knew it now and strangely though, he still sported a smile. His journey wasn’t perfect. It was like an art and art is never meant to be perfect. It’s meant to express something. It’s meant to be experienced. It’s meant to be cherished and he knew he would cherish every moment of this journey for these moments would be a story someday and he wanted to make the most out of the remaining few.

After all, it’s only in the agony of parting that you stop to contemplate on the relationships you made all along and for these…..for these four imperfect years of his life, he was thankful.

Goes out to all my batch mates, seniors and juniors for these four years of awesomeness.
Rishi Hazra,
Electrical 2k13

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