The saga of Jersey No 10- finale

When Ronaldinho decided to hang his boots this year, it wasn’t a crisis of sorts that footballing democracy had experienced at departure of Maradona or Pele. For the pupil had already come out of the wings of master and soared higher than any predecessor.The heir apparent from Argentina had already taken the world by storm. … Continue reading The saga of Jersey No 10- finale

The Saga of Jersey No. 10 – Episode III

After Maradona announced his retirement,mayhem ensued. The emblematic No 10 Jersey had many suitors but none really was able to own it like the maestros.The game of musical chairs began. Many got a taste of the throne but none had a long tenure. Stalwarts such as Roberto Bazio, Zinedine Zidane were amongst those with a … Continue reading The Saga of Jersey No. 10 – Episode III

The Saga of Jersey No.10 – Episode II

To understand the gargantuan shadow Maradona casts over his football-mad homeland, one has to conjure up the athleticism of Michael Jordan, the power of Babe Ruth – and the human fallibility of Mike Tyson. Lump them together in a single barrel-chested man with shaggy black hair and you have El Diego, idol to the millions … Continue reading The Saga of Jersey No.10 – Episode II


In prior episodes of the series, Episode I  & Episode II you saw: India overcame all the odds to achieve its dream of becoming nuclear power and tasted success in  Smiling Buddha. However, the world responded by imposing curbs and restrictions. So how did India go on to become a nuclear superpower?Read on to find out. After India's first … Continue reading NUCLEAR INDIA-Final Episode


In NUCLEAR INDIA – Episode I you saw: Following Chinese Nuke test, India sought help from superpowers. However, US tricked and  abjured to support India further raising geopolitical tensions in the region. How'd India tackle forthcoming troubles to maintain stability and power balance? Read on to find out. While touring the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) on … Continue reading NUCLEAR INDIA – Episode II