Webinar: Quantum Computing: Introduction and Application

The propitious morning of January 8th, 2022 saw the students of B. I. T. Sindri immersed in the quantum realm. The Training and Placement Cell, B.I.T. Sindri, organised a live webinar on "Quantum Computing: Introduction and Application" by Dr. Pranjal Kumar Phukan, Founder, Timber Advisors Private Limited, and an esteemed alumnus of the institute. The … Continue reading Webinar: Quantum Computing: Introduction and Application

Workshop: Computer Vision- Challenges, Research and Deployment

Computer science and technology have become an integral part and driving force of the modern world. The fields of Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering are relatively new but have become so imperative to the functioning of our world and economy that it seems to be ubiquitous. However, in this relatively new field of science … Continue reading Workshop: Computer Vision- Challenges, Research and Deployment


Great things begin when great minds gather. Aiming to provide hands-on experience of the use of process and flow simulation software ASPEN -plus and Ansys CFD, a five-day workshop on Flow and Process Simulation in Process Industries (FAPSIPI -2018), 29 Oct -02 Nov 2018 was organised by the department of chemical engineering, sponsored by TEQIP … Continue reading FAPSIPI-2018


After showcasing the immense talent of engineers in fields of art & culture through the cultural fest last month, the clubs of institute came together to exhibit what an engineer can do in his area of expertise through a technical fest. Jointly organized by Model Club, IETE, and ISTE ,the tech fest continued from 13th-15th … Continue reading GLIMPSES OF TECHNICAL FEST

Big Data Study Workshop #03

In the series of workshops conducted under the initiative of ‘BIT Sindri Research and Development Effort’, another insightful session was delivered by Mr Aaloka Anant, a prestigious alumnus of BIT Sindri, ECE batch of 2000 to 2004. He did his post graduation in Business Administration from IIM Banglore and is currently serving at SAP, Ireland. … Continue reading Big Data Study Workshop #03

सोइशिरो होंडा: हौसले और हिम्मत की उड़ान

“अपनी असफलताओं को कभी भी अपने दिल तक जाने न दें, न ही अपनी सफलताओं को अपने मस्तिष्क तक।” जापान के एक स्कूल में परीक्षाफल घोषित हुए, और बच्चों से कहा गया कि अगले दिन अपने रिजल्ट पर सभी को अपने परिवार की मुहर लगा कर लानी है। यह आज के ज़माने में अभिभावकों के … Continue reading सोइशिरो होंडा: हौसले और हिम्मत की उड़ान