Computer science and technology have become an integral part and driving force of the modern world. The fields of Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering are relatively new but have become so imperative to the functioning of our world and economy that it seems to be ubiquitous. However, in this relatively new field of science there are countless opportunities for research and development.

On October 19, 2021, a webinar was organised by Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology departments of B. I. T. Sindri. The topic of the webinar was Computer Vision: Challenges, Research and Deployment. The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Apurba Das, Chief Architect, Head, Computer Vision Lab (IoT), Tata Consultancy Services, Bengaluru, India. The workshop was initiated by Prof. S. C. Dutta, HOD CSE, who accorded a warm welcome to the guest. The programme was coordinated by Prof. Rajeev Ranjan of the department of Computer Science and Engineering. This insightful workshop was executed under the able guidance of the institute’s Director Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Singh. An alumnus of the college, Mr. Manoj Kumar Lal, Head, TCS Bengaluru and Mr. Parth Sarkar, HR Manager, TCS Kolkata were major contributors to the success of the workshop.

Mr. Apurba Das is a visiting scientist at IISC Bangalore. He has 40 research papers published under his name and 32 patents filed in USA. He began the workshop by explaining Machine Learning to the students. He discussed how Machine Learning has evolved and become a very important technology in the present time and how it helps us solve our daily problems. He showed some of his published papers to the students and demonstrated a real-life implementation of computer vision. These demonstrations included smart traffic lights and self-checkout theft which is used in shops in the UK and the US.

The session was an interactive one with students giving way to their curiosity in the form of queries and Mr. Das was effectively answering them. The enlightening workshop was attended by nearly a hundred students from first to final years and all the teachers of the CSE and IT departments were a part of it. In the end, Mr. Das received gratitude from the institute and was lauded for his efforts in encouraging students and familiarising them with important industrial terminologies. Events like this help bridge the gap between industry and institute and instil a dynamic learning ability in students by making them aware of contemporary technological innovations.

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