Today, 8:30am.

Her Kohl was a bit smudged as she took out a tissue to fix it. “One Cappuccino with a cinnamon stick”, she placed her regular order sitting at the Starbucks. With a deep sigh she reached inside her Gucci Handbag to locate her phone. That’s when she felt it , the cold moisture on her fingers as she probed her bag. Pulling her fist out she looked inside it. There, with all the lavish stuff, lay the blood smeared knife wrapped in her purple scarf. Enthralled, she opened her closed palm and examined the reminder of her sin still adorning her fingertips. Still so bright and red. She inhaled the coppery smell and laughed.

And people said victory tasted sweet.


Yesterday, 1:30pm.

The wall clock chucked another hour as she sat at the dining table alone. The roses she had been receiving this entire week were stacked in the waste paper basket, but their fragrance proliferated all across the apartment. The redolence of the roses reminded her of her virtue and their stack in the trash made her imperious about her elegance. Yes! She was beautiful.

The door bell rang. And she got up to make another addition in the waste basket. Yet again.



The day was very special to her. Cherry red gown, straight hairs falling past her shoulders like a cascade of brown waters, a bit of cologne and there she was, an aura of vain complementing her.

Today she would surely do it. Nothing could stop her this time.

She drove her Mercedes to the Starbucks where he was waiting for her.

“Anything important Kaira?… Can we get with it fast. I am getting late for my meeting”, he inquired looking at his gold watch as she sat down. She looked at him ,the curve of her lips said it all.

“I love you”.

Later as they departed towards the parking lot neither said a word.


Today, 8:00pm.

Unlocking the door of her apartment, she walked past the dining table towards the kitchen. Crossing the roses in trash on her way. And when she reached the refrigerator, she opened the door smiling. The lights inside lit up as a blood smeared hand with a golden watch drooped down.

She held the hand lovingly,”Happy Valentine’s Day Love!” She lingered her touch on the dial.

Now your time is all mine she mused.



“Celebrating the day with someone special after a long time,” read her status update.




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