“Construction is a matter of optimism, it’s the matter of facing the future with confidence.”

~ Cesar Pelli

Civil engineers are not just laying the foundations of the civilisation but also constructing the towering skyscrapers. They don’t just build bridges to transport people but they create a link to connect society and civilization.

On Oct 24, 2021, a webinar was organised by the Association of Civil Engineers, BIT Sindri. The topic of the webinar was “Career Opportunities in Civil Engineering”. The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Vivek Gupta, Ex-IES Officer, Rank- 10 and GATE, Rank-17, (MTech, IIT Delhi) and one of the best educators for Civil Engineering at the Unacademy platform.

The webinar was initiated by Raushan Kumar, a student of the Civil Engineering department, batch of 2018. The moderator of the webinar was Milan Kashyap (2018) and Anirban (2019). Dr. Ranvijay Singh, HOD Civil, and Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam, TAP Officer accorded a warm welcome to the guest.

Mr. Vivek Gupta started the webinar by enumerating the myriad of opportunities in Civil engineering like pursuing M.Tech. for securing a job in PSUs or taking the GRE and GMAT examinations for an opportunity to pursue MS from foreign universities. He also acknowledged the tremendous potential in start-ups and jobs in the private sector. While talking about pursuing an MS degree from foreign universities, Mr. Gupta said that this not only brings knowledge but also serves as a medium for cultural and technological exchange between two countries. He shed light on the different job profiles available as a Civil engineer like that of a site engineer, irrigation engineer, structural engineer, etc. All these cater to the different interests of civil engineers and have different requirements.

He also suggested a few ways that can help students keep away from distractions. He said that one should try to avoid social media and be less engaged in festivities during one’s time as a student. He professed that hard work, consistency, and a focused mind pave the way to success. At the end of the webinar, Mr. Gupta took queries from the attendees and gave a precise answer to each one.

The webinar culminated in a massive success with over three hundred students from different institutes basking in the rays of wisdom from the learned guest.

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