“It is impossible”, said Pride.
“It is risky”, said experience.
“It is pointless”, said reason.
It was none for the engineers-in-making.

The morning of 17th March 2019 marked the advent of the much awaited annual TECHNICAL FEST in the premises of B.I.T Sindri. The event spanning 3 days was organized with the collaborative efforts of four technical clubs prevalent in the campus, namely MODEL CLUB, Indian Society For Technical Education(ISTE) Student’s chapter, B.I.T Sindri, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) Student’s chapter, B.I.T Sindri, and DEVELOPERS SOCIETY, with the sole motive of polishing and nurturing hundreds of budding technocrats who sculpt their future in our institution.
The technical fest kick-started with inaugural by Mr Rakesh Kumar, technical director, Bharat Coking Coal Limited(BCCL)- chief guest at his alma mater. Accompanied by our patron, Director Dr D.K Singh, the chief guest lighted the lamp as we embarked upon this path of setting several milestones in the pages of technical glory this institution holds to its name. He encouraged those present in the audience to show enthusiastic participation and enrich their X-factor to conquer the world driven by technology.

Day 1-
Though the fest was being held jointly by the four technical clubs, there could be felt a sense of competition amongst the organizers, with each club striving to outperform the other. The battleground for supermacy was to be the flagship events and the metric of success being the participation and audience.The battlefront was set to commemorate a plethora of events and behold the enormity of talent that calls the serene dwelling, away from the maddening crowd in Dhanbad, it’s abode.
The technical extravaganza of BIT Sindri Chapter of ISTE, TRIVENI had promised to be better, stronger and even more upscale this year and delivered spectacularly; enticing the masses to participate vehemently, leaving the comfort of their beds for once in the month, and delineate BITians as one of the sharpest technocrats in this tech-savvy world.
Triveni brought for the freshmen, the very enthralling segment of MOST INTERESTING BRANCH(MIB), a stage for the branches to compete for the title of being labelled as the best amongst the rest. There were quizzes and questions as it proceeded in two interesting rounds.
While the audience’s gaze focused onto the words of the MOCs, the event unfolded into another segment called, ‘TRUST YOUR INSTINCT’ wherein the challenge posed for the participants was to make the best use of stimuli and emerge as the unequalled.
Next to follow was the second round of ‘TECHNICAL PAPER PRESENTATION'(TPP) promoting students to present their research and knowledge on the cutting-edge technical innovations this world is yet to witness. This segment invited commendable participation from all the students irrespective of their sessions.
While these on-stage events held spectators in the magnanimous Deshpande Auditorium, an uproar could be felt outside as the students, divided in groups of 5, set out to hunt for the treasure with the provided hints provided to them, a part of the most engaging segment of TRIVENI, ‘DISCOVER BIT’. The unanimous exhilarating buzz could be felt in the air around.


This concluded the first day of the fest and led us to the night BIT spent with eager dreams waiting to be realised the next day as TRIVENI’19 was far from over. There was so much more to come, and the excitement which had taken over the entire campus was very evident.
Day 2-

Scorching heat of the sun played it’s part in increasing the already hiked temperature in the campus as it was Day-2 of Techfest-2019 and the endless fervour could be discerned. The countless drops of sweat dripping from foreheads were long forgotten for the ROBOTICS demanded greater attention than ever, with AXELERATE, or the robot racing segment being the new battleground. It witnessed participation of teams from our own college as well as the students from the several different institutes in vicinity.
The next to escalate the adrenaline rush was the fresh segment of ‘ROADIES’. The name itself was enough to grab everyone’s attention, for all are familiar with the Inspiration. Thankfully, the event lived up to its billing with the preliminary rounds of full-filled technical events followed by interviews by HRs of various companies. Not only the students from our campus, but there could also be seen students from the different schools of Dhanbad and Jamshedpur participating with utmost zeal and vigour. There were alumni from our institution to guide and judge the finalists.
Freshmen facing HRs-What could have been more spine-chilling, eh?
The participation in DISCOVER BIT saw a steeper positive slope again this evening as we proceeded towards the completion of the two eventfully momentous days of TRIVENI-2019.
With hearts heavy holding the magnitude of memories they carried along, everyone smiled as the event came to a nostalgic end, with the organising committee’s promise of an even grander event under the same name, the very next year.

The Organizers

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