The IETE(The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers) Student’s Chapter of B.I.T. Sindri organised its annual technical event Tech Udbhav, 2019 during the 3 days technical fest in the institute from 17-19 March.

It was the first instance that all the technical clubs, namely Model Club, IETE, ISTE and Coding Club had joined hands to organise the fest, albeit each had their own showpiece events.

It was officially inaugurated on 17th of March by Mr Rakesh Kumar and other dignitaries in a combined inaugural session. Tech Udbhav comprised of a number of segments captivating the tech-friendly minds, witnessing enthusiastic participation, not only from our college but also from those in the vicinity . The various segments of the event are enlisted as follows, along with the respective winners of each segment, mentioned along with them:


An online quiz competition, comprising of ten questions, based on the common thinking skills combined with technical knowledge. The participants were required to answer these questions in a given interval of time. Top ten participants were short-listed based on the consistency of exact answering of the questions.

The top ten winners are:
1. Kumar Ayush
2. Rumman Akhtar
3. Saurav Mahapatra
4. Vikrant Singh
5. Annu Kumari
6. Hanzala Sohrab
7. Nikhil Shandilya
8. Pooja Kumari
9. Rohit Kumar Raja
10. Pallavi Jha


An online poster making competition, with the theme being ‘Technological Advancements in The Indian Armed Forces’. It provided a platform to the students to showcase their ideas in a unique way. A total of thirty-five participants submitted their posters, among whom, top fifteen were selected.

The top fifteen participants are:
1. Priyanka Bharti
2. Shalu Rani
3. Rishav Raj
4. Kunal Ranjan Singh
5. Sneha Kumari
6. Saurabh Bhardwaj
7. Shashi Kumar
8. Ragini Kumari Oraon
9. Aman Patel
10. Rishav Sinha
11. Sanju Kumari
12. Madhuri Hansda
13. Rewti Raman Sahu
14. Meghraj Munda
15. Divya Ranjan


This was an online coding extravaganza in which the participants were supposed to quote their technical skills into the programming version. A mock test was conducted to make the coders familiar with the programming platform. After that, a coding round was conducted on various programming challenges. Top three participants were selected as the winners.

The winners are:
1st – Harish Khan
2nd – Vinod
3rd – Lekden Dorji


Technical paper presentation event, in which the candidates were required to give a presentation of five minutes on several trending technical topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Block-Chain, 3-D Printing, etc. The selection criteria were totally based upon topic selection, communication skills as well as their own intellect.

The participants who made it to the top are:
1st – Sameer Imam and Anmol Agarwal
2nd – Ayush Kumar
3rd – Kajal Kumari and Khoma Mandal

  • Franchise of the Year:

Cricket is not just a sport in India, it is more of a religion. So, despite the event being a technical fest, an event was organised for those who are unofficial analysts of B.I.T.

Prelims were held in form of a quiz competition and the winners went on to the LIVE AUCTION round. Teams competed to form the best possible team in a shoestring budget, combining the passion for cricket and the cleverness of business. One team that performed the best was chosen to be FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR.

The winners are enlisted below:
1st – Team SRH
2nd – Team KXIP


The flagship event of TECH UDBHAV . was divided into two rounds:

1. Preliminary round-An offline paper quiz to evaluate logical reasoning and critical thinking.
2. The top 16 participants from preliminaries were selected and then subjected to an audio-visual round, followed by questions on management studies, and an interview round in front of the panel, where they were questioned on every aspect required to become a qualified technocrat.

The ones who triumphed are:

1st – Shailesh Anand and Anshu Singh
2nd – Shanu Anand and Niloufar Parwin


A robotics battle in which the bots were supposed to play soccer in an arena. There were various gaming bots that gave their all in search of maximum possible goals. A total of sixteen teams participated in this segment, cheered on by the throngs of spectators.

The glory came to:

1st – Yash Kumar ( Techno India )
‌ Praveen Nayak ( IIT, ISM )
2nd – Sujeet Kumar
Amarendra Kumar


Cybersecurity is the current flavour of the season. Being updated with the modern threats related to the beloved internet is important so that one can use the favourite Facebook, Insta and other social media platforms without having any risks posed to their privacy or data. Keeping this in mind, a workshop was organised on the last day of the tech fest exclusively for the freshmen on the topic – ‘Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security‘. The students were addressed by the esteemed guests, honourable Director Sir and the Prof. In charge of all the technical clubs of the college before the seminar. A highly skilled trainer Saumya from I India, expatiated on the terminology associated with cybersecurity such as firewall, ransomware, virus, hacking before distinguishing between a white hat hacker and a hacker. The audience listened in rapt silence, amazed and willing to learn different methods of hacking in order to protect their information from several cyber threats.


In order to involve the audience gathered to witness the gruelling competitions, an on-spot event i.e., wire buzz was organised to attract the crowd. It had a circuit loop which had a wire gauge as a handler. The loop was supposed to be completed without touching any element of it. The winner was awarded a prize on completing the loop.

The event concluded with huge pomp and show and thus, was successful in the perfect manner.
It really presented a remarkable event being organised by the IETE Students’ Chapter, B.I.T. Sindri. This event certainly raised the bar of the technical fests being organised in the college campus.
More such events are awaited.

The Organizing Committee

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