“Wrong way to think about it. Don’t try to figure it out all at once.” 
― Jed Rubenfeld

With the aim of catapulting the pre-final year students into their field of proficiency, the training and placement cell of BIT SINDRI under the able guidance of Prof. Ghanshyam Rai organised the second stage of ZS Campus Beats 2019. Named as ZS Brown bag on the art and science of problem-solving, this program was aimed at acquainting the students with the work culture not only at ZS Associates, but every other company outside the comforting walls of the college. The session started with the icebreaking session where the representatives evaluated how well the students had done their homework. To begin with, the objectives were delineated through an audio-visual clip. The main objectives were to provide insight into the software development group, help the students understand problem-solving using a case study, and provide tips on solving a problem. To make the session an interactive one, Ms Hunny Singh conducted a small quiz about the company and rewarded the students with exciting goodies.IMG-20190312-WA0000.jpg

Next in the line was Mr Rohit, a senior software developer at ZS Associates, who apprised the audience of the employee-friendly working environment at the company. Mr Ayush Aggarwal, senior developer accentuated on the fact that ZS comprises of young crowd who are continuously mentored and work in harmony with the belief of flat hierarchy. One can always observe a gradual surge in the career graph. Later Mr Abhishek, Senior software developer foregrounded the sweet spot of ZS, their problem-solving techniques, breaking things apart and then putting it back together. He answered all the queries of the students regarding the pre-requisites in a fresh graduate to get hired in companies. He even underlined the relevance of sales and marketing, operations and technology sects in the company and how they work in cohesion.  Subsequently, the students were given the famous problem of “Game Of Life” to assess the problem-solving approach of the students. In this brainstorming session, teams of 12 students were formed and every team was required to present before the representatives their individual approach and solution of the given problem. The representatives as well the student coordinators helped the students in getting a better understanding of the problem before Mr Abhishek showcased his way of solving the problem and pointed out the shortcomings and the features of the solutions put forth by various teams. Succeeding the above round was the question hour, wherein every possible doubt of a would-be fresh graduate were cleared, The students were actually made known of all the possibilities out there and the skills needed to grab those opportunities. Mr Ghanshyam Rai was presented with a token of gratitude for having the ZS team in the college premises. The workshop was indeed an effectual one and proved to be the trigger in opening the floodgates to the plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored. After hours of putting their heads together, the students were rewarded with a very palatable lunch.

Such workshops are the need of the hour to help the students in getting ready for things that lie in store for them outside the walls of the institution, once a person makes the leap from the academia to the professional world.

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