The Association of Civil Engineers, BIT Sindri (ACEBITS), in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Society, organized a 5-day online workshop on Computer-aided designing using AutoCAD. The workshop commenced on December 15, 2022, with a vision for equipping the students with imperative skills to create designs using AutoCAD. The institute’s Director, Dr. D.K. Singh, inaugurated the session with an inspiring speech, followed by an address from the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Ranvijay Singh, and Prof. Dr. B.D. Yadav.

Day 1 of the workshop was led by the managing director of PTS CAD EXPERT, Mr. Prashant Kumar Saini, who acquainted the participants with AutoCAD. The session comprised lessons on fundamental instructions, spelling, and dimensioning of plane figures, followed by a series of questions from the attendees and subsequent responses by the mentor.

The next two days of the workshop were spent under the tutelage of Mr. Rajat, a trainer at PTS CAD EXPERT. The participants were provided with an insight on building basic geometrical figures, engineering curves, isometric projections of planar figures, simple solids, the significance of coordinate systems, and 3-D drawing in AutoCAD. Further, they were instructed to create an advanced house plan using blocks, layers, and drafting tools common to the branches of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Mr. Tarun, a trainer at PTS CAD EXPERT, conducted the live sessions on the 4th as well as the final day. Under his guidance, the participants were introduced to the dynamics of advanced project design topics, followed by a virtual tour of the magnificent model drafted by him. On the final evening, Mr. Prashant Kumar Saini spoke about the relevance of AutoCAD and its application in recent times. After his monologue was over, Prof. Prashant Malviya extended a vote of thanks to the team of PTS CAD EXPERT, appreciating their efforts in making this effort a success. The event culminated with a quiz for the attendees, who displayed sheer eagerness in their response.

The workshop received immensely positive feedback from the students as they found it insightful and intriguing. The event served its purpose of introducing the young technocrats to AutoCAD and imbued them with the desire to learn more about the software.

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