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When GATES did the dirty JOB : Episode I

When GATES did the dirty JOB: Episode II

Episode – III


With Jobs out of Apple, the company lost its innovations and charm. Unable to do anything, the appointed CEO and the Board of Directors were just trying to “point a sinking ship in the right direction”. Meanwhile, increasing its revenue, Microsoft became a behemoth player in computer industry and Bill Gates became the richest person on the planet. But as it is said, “Good things don’t last too long” , Gates too was having his share of bad fortunes playing around. Gates was under investigation by the Justice Department on the charges of using unfair strategies to shut out the competition the way it was done. Gates’s public image started to receive hard lines when he was accused of running a monopoly.

On the other hand, it took 12 years for Apple’s board of directors to realise that Steve Jobs’ presence was indispensable. When Jobs resumed office after 12 years, Apple was on the verge of collapsing and bankruptcy. Jobs knew that innovation must trace its way back to Apple’s office but before that a healthy cash flow into his company was essential.

For cash and funding, Jobs turned to the most unlikely source as one could ever think of. It was none other than Bill Gates. Jobs telephoned him and in his short conversation he reminded Gates that the game was still on.

Jobs: Hello Bill .

Gates (shocked) : Steve !! Is it you??

Jobs: I heard, you have made a lot of friends in the justice department. (Chuckles)

Gates: Yes. But Steve, you should get right on point. I heard you are back on board of the sinking ship.

Jobs: If Apple goes down you will have no one to fight. And if you help us stay in the game you could

keep on winning. THINK ABOUT IT.


Gates thought if he had no competitor, people would say that he owned the whole market and that’s not a good thing. So, it was better to have a crippled competitor than having none at all. Despite  an initial backlash, Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple.

Although the investment was sufficient to flush in a much needed breath to Apple, Jobs still had to settle the score with Gates for stealing his dream a decade back.

Jobs organised a show to let the world know about Apples’ partners. The show was titled “Meaningful partners”

And unexpectedly he presented Bill Gates on the screen via sat connection. Bill Gates was expected to address everyone regarding the opportunities Microsoft and Apple were  to explore further. But, the crowd which was the cult of Macintosh decided something else. They all started laughing & booing Gates. They showed their hatred towards Windows, Microsoft and Bill Gates very bluntly.

Seeing the crowd giving such a reaction to his appearance, even the richest man on the planet could not help, but feel humiliated.

This time Steve Jobs played his cards and Gates was at the receiving end, having a taste of his own medicine.

Following the story, one can’t help but think how Gates hijacked Jobs’ dream project and how Jobs managed to take a sweet revenge in reply, making Gates pay ($150 million) for what he did and served this sweet revenge with a topping of humiliation to Gates (during the show “Meaningful partners).

As the saying goes “Revenge is best served cold”.



A New Chapter

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Having an image problem, Bill Gates, in an effort to redeem his legacy and to make the world a better place, later took to philanthropy and started Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation became the largest charitable foundation in the world. On the other hand, with Microsoft’s money and Jobs’ beautiful products, Apple went on to become the most valuable brand on the planet.

Apple store

If there have been people who’ve affected the technology in 21st century more than anyone else, they would be STEVE JOBS & BILL GATES. The relationship between them was very complex. They were like brothers in a way. They were with each other on every next step, sometimes as rivals & sometimes as friends. They were mean to each other but eventually reconciled. And this was because they were the two pioneers who built the industry.


“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking that they cannot lose.”  – Bill Gates

“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs


-The End-

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