Campus placement provides students with an avenue to opportunities that can potentially facilitate the launch of their professional careers in the chosen direction right after receiving their college degrees and lay the groundwork for their long-term career objectives.

BIT Sindri witnessed an incredible placement season while bidding adieu to the class of 2022. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the institute solidified its bond with the industrial sector to an unprecedented extent, as evident from a placement season unlike any other, where all previous records got shattered as the institute’s pupils received 684 placement offers.

This remarkable achievement came to fruition under the excellent mentorship provided by the TAP Cell of the institute, under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam (Chairman, Career Development Centre, BIT Sindri).

The Training & Placement Cell at BIT SINDRI under the aegis of Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam supported the placement of graduates from the institute while collaborating with top businesses and institutions to establish internship and training programmes for students. The office teamed with many businesses, corporations, etc., that chose graduate students from all fields of study through online interviews.

As a result, the B.Tech program’s Batch of 2018 completed its placements with the enthusiastic support of numerous corporations from various sectors, all of which were eager to choose applicants for roles across IT and core industries.

Here is a graphical breakdown of the most successful placement season ever experienced in BIT.

Branch wise Placement Statistics

Company wise recruitment breakdown

The department of Mechanical Engineering had an overwhelming increase of 37% in the number of students placed, finishing with a tally of 107. It also ensured they topped the list of most students placed in a single branch. However, the departments of Mining and Civil Engineering also saw a significant rise in the number of jobs offered, with the latter witnessing an incredible improvement with 60 offers this time round as compared to a modest 12 in the previous year.

NameBranchCompanyCTC (IN LPA)
Anish Kumar BarnwalITYamaha Motors8
Pratyush PrasadITYamaha Motors8
Rishab MallickITYamaha Motors8
Sachin Kumar SinhaECEYamaha Motors8
Rishab MallickITSchlumberger9.58
Adhya KesariCSESchlumberger9.58
Subhadeep BakshiMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Rohit Kumar SinghMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Aditaya BurnwalECESify Technologies4.25
NeeravITSify Technologies4.25
Annu KumariECESify Technologies4.25
Adarsh TirkeyITSify Technologies4.25
Kumar AnupamECESify Technologies4.25
Divyanshu RajECESify Technologies4.25
Satya PrakashECESify Technologies4.25
Rina KumariECESify Technologies4.25
Farid RazaECESify Technologies4.25
Govind Kumar YadavECESify Technologies4.25
Rahul PrabhakarCSETCS Digital7
Adarsh Kumar SinhaECETCS Digital7
Annu KumariECETCS Digital7
Adarsh Kumar MandalITTCS Digital7
Hrishi BaroiITTCS Digital7
Raj Kumar SinghITTCS Digital7
Satish KumarChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Nishant GautamCivilTCS Ninja3.36
Prashant KumarCSETCS Ninja3.36
Ravi ShankarCSETCS Ninja3.36
Shatakchhi AnujCSETCS Ninja3.36
Suraj KachhapCSETCS Ninja3.36
Sweta KumariCSETCS Ninja3.36
Md. Qamar AfzalElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Rahul Kumar SawElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Roopam Kr. RajElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Abhishek PandeyECETCS Ninja3.36
Aditya BurnwalECETCS Ninja3.36
Devanshu RajECETCS Ninja3.36
Amandeep SinghITTCS Ninja3.36
Ayush KumarITTCS Ninja3.36
SubhamITTCS Ninja3.36
Shivam RajMechanicalTCS Ninja3.36
Shubham SinghMechanicalTCS Ninja3.36
Shailesh AnandECEKantar Analytics5
Malay MrinalITKantar Analytics5
Hanzala SohrabITInfo Edge12.5
Nishant GautamCivilDeloitte USI7.6
Rewti Raman SahuCivilDeloitte USI7.6
Alvika BhushanCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Deepak KumarCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Manish YadavCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Prashant KumarCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Shalu RaniCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Shimlee GhoshCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Waquar HaseebCSEDeloitte USI7.6
Priyanshu MishraECEDeloitte USI7.6
Shaswat AnandECEDeloitte USI7.6
Aaditya VardhanElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Aman AbhishekElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Ashish SinghElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Kiran KumariElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Madhav KumarElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Nidhi KumariElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Shivam SahuElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Vishal KumbhakarElectricalDeloitte USI7.6
Abhay TiwariITDeloitte USI7.6
Anurag SinghITDeloitte USI7.6
Arshad JamalITDeloitte USI7.6
Ayush KumarITDeloitte USI7.6
Sriansu ChoudharyITDeloitte USI7.6
Sriyansh RajITDeloitte USI7.6
ShubhamITDeloitte USI7.6
Ayush AkshatMechanicalDeloitte USI7.6
Pravin Kr. TripathiMechanicalDeloitte USI7.6
Shivam RajMechanicalDeloitte USI7.6
Uttam KumarMechanicalDeloitte USI7.6
Anshuman SinghChemicalDeloitte USI7.6
Neha ChoudharyChemicalDeloitte USI7.6
Sneha KumariChemicalDeloitte USI7.6
Varsha AgarwalChemicalDeloitte USI7.6
Vineet Chandra GokhaleChemicalDeloitte USI7.6
Shanya GuptaMetallurgyKreeti Technologies5.4
Pallavi PriyaITKreeti Technologies5.4
Deepali KumariElectricalKreeti Technologies5.4
Kiran KumariElectricalKreeti Technologies5.4
Simran PriyadarshiElectricalTata Steel10.52
Md. Abrar AhmedElectricalTata Steel10.52
Shweta KumariElectricalTata Steel10.52
Ananya KesariElectricalTata Steel10.52
Md. Qamar AfzalElectricalTata Steel10.52
Ankita JhaMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Priyanshu SinhaMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Chetna KotakMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Samanta RayMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Aditi VidushiECETata Steel10.52
Abhinav Kumar SahMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Jyotsna PriyadarshiMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Ghanshyam BiruaMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Arshad JamalITTata Steel9.22
Md Saquib Saud AnsariChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Rahul Kumar RajakChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Shivam KumarChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Sonal AgarwalChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Triloky BaraikChemicalTCS Ninja3.36
Abhishek KumarCivilTCS Ninja3.36
Ankit Birsa LindaCivilTCS Ninja3.36
Monu KumariCivilTCS Ninja3.36
Shashi Bhushan MahatoCivilTCS Ninja3.36
Sapan RavidasCSETCS Ninja3.36
Shreya KumariCSETCS Ninja3.36
Suraj Lata HansdahCSETCS Ninja3.36
Vivek KumarCSETCS Ninja3.36
Vishal RajakECETCS Digital7
Anushka PrasadECETCS Ninja3.36
Harsh SinhaECETCS Ninja3.36
Md Raghib AhmadECETCS Ninja3.36
Rashi GoyalECETCS Ninja3.36
Satya KumariECETCS Ninja3.36
Shital SakshiECETCS Ninja3.36
Subhabrata RoyECETCS Ninja3.36
Suraj OraonECETCS Ninja3.36
Sushmita MandalECETCS Ninja3.36
Abhishek Kumar VermaElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Anurag GhoshElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Anurag Kumar GuptaElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Arpana Anikit MinzElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Nitish KumarElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Roshan KumarElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Sanskar RamElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Somya VatsElectricalTCS Ninja3.36
Madhuri HansdaITTCS Ninja3.36
Rumman AkhtarITTCS Ninja3.36
Ankit AnandMechanicalTCS Ninja3.36
Ritik GuptaMechanicalTCS Ninja3.36
Sanket KumarMechanicalTCS Ninja3.36
Lucky AnandMetallurgyTCS Ninja3.36
Rahul Kumar GuptaMetallurgyTCS Ninja3.36
Ravi Kumar SinghMetallurgyTCS Ninja3.36
Anikesh Kumar MishraMiningTCS Ninja3.36
Kunal KishorMiningTCS Ninja3.36
Md Aftab AlamMiningTCS Ninja3.36
Suraj Kumar MahatoMiningTCS Ninja3.36
Ankur SharmaProductionTCS Ninja3.36
Ayush KumarProductionTCS Ninja3.36
Payal SinghProductionTCS Ninja3.36
Shishir KumarProductionTCS Ninja3.36
Shivam SinghProductionTCS Ninja3.36
Anjali KumariMechanicalHUL8
Akash Kr. SinghChemicalLearning Routes5.4
Shanu AnandMiningLearning Routes5.4
Nandani KumariECELearning Routes5.4
Niloufar ParvinCSETredence Analytics6.5
Shatakchhi AnujCSETredence Analytics6.5
Adarsh ChoudharyITTredence Analytics6.5
Kumar AryanITTredence Analytics6.5
Anshu KumariECETredence Analytics6.5
Abhinav PrakashECETredence Analytics6.5
Aradhya Narain SinghMechanicalTredence Analytics6.5
Vishal KumarMechanicalTredence Analytics6.5
Sudhanshu ThakurMechanicalTredence Analytics6.5
Shivam AnandMechanicalTredence Analytics6.5
Amarnath NoniaMechanicalTredence Analytics6.5
Aman KumarMetallurgyTredence Analytics6.5
Zafar ImamMetallurgyTredence Analytics6.5
Ravi Kumar SinghMetallurgyTredence Analytics6.5
Rahul KumarMetallurgyTredence Analytics6.5
Anubhaw Kumar SharmaMiningTredence Analytics6.5
Anisha ArunimaProductionTredence Analytics6.5
Pratyush PrasadITAmazon12
Adarsh Kumar MandalITAmazon12
B Jagdish ReddyCSEAmazon12
Devanshu RajECEAmazon12
Shubham SinghMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Kushagra KumarMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Vikram KumarMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Abhijeet BhagatChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Megha KumariChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Niketan KumarChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Nishu KumariChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Rahul KumarChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Rahul Kumar RajakChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Sameer KumarChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Shivani KumariChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Subhasis NandaChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Vivek Kumar GuptaChemicalWipro Limited3.5
Abhijeet Kumar RaviCivilWipro Limited3.5
Abhishek KumarCivilWipro Limited3.5
Ravikant SinghCivilWipro Limited3.5
Sakshi SinghCivilWipro Limited3.5
Chandan KumarCSEWipro Limited3.5
Prince Kumar YadavCSEWipro Limited3.5
Sapan RavidasCSEWipro Limited3.5
Aamir AlamECEWipro Limited3.5
Abhinav PrakashECEWipro Limited3.5
Abhishek KumarECEWipro Limited3.5
Anshay AdhayaynECEWipro Limited3.5
Anshu KumariECEWipro Limited3.5
Subhabrata RoyECEWipro Limited3.5
Aayushi AryaElectricalWipro Limited3.5
Rohit TirkeyElectricalWipro Limited3.5
Sanskar RamElectricalWipro Limited3.5
Amit KumarITWipro Limited3.5
Amit Kumar SinghITWipro Limited3.5
Puja KumariITWipro Limited3.5
Roshan Kumar SinghITWipro Limited3.5
Rupesh Kumar PaswanITWipro Limited3.5
Suraj Kumar MahatoITWipro Limited3.5
Upasana BhartiITWipro Limited3.5
Ritesh Kumar JhaMechanicalWipro Limited3.5
Sandipan SarkarMechanicalWipro Limited3.5
Satwik SinghMechanicalWipro Limited3.5
Shivam AnandMechanicalWipro Limited3.5
Atul RajMetallurgyWipro Limited3.5
Mihir MajhiMetallurgyWipro Limited3.5
Rahul Kumar GuptaMetallurgyWipro Limited3.5
Anubhaw Kumar SharmaMiningWipro Limited3.5
Ashutosh Kumar OjhaMiningWipro Limited3.5
Ranjan SharmaMiningWipro Limited3.5
Sachin Kumar MandalMiningWipro Limited3.5
Shikhar AparvaMiningWipro Limited3.5
Abhishek Kumar SushilProductionWipro Limited3.5
Aman PatelProductionWipro Limited3.5
Anisha ArunimaProductionWipro Limited3.5
Ankur SharmaProductionWipro Limited3.5
Ashutosh GuptaProductionWipro Limited3.5
Payal SinghProductionWipro Limited3.5
Saqlain FirozProductionWipro Limited3.5
Udit PriyadarshiProductionWipro Limited3.5
Vandana SharmaChemicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Ravi Kumar KeshriCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Sumanti MinzCSELarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Adarsh ChoudharyITLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Kumar AryanITLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Ritesh Kumar JhaMechanicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Souvik ShantikariMechanicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Vishal KumarMechanicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Keshab RoyMetallurgyLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Yesh KumarMiningLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Rupesh Kumar PaswanITTech Mahindra3.25
Satya KumariECETech Mahindra3.25
Anshay AdhayaynECETech Mahindra3.25
Subharata RoyECETech Mahindra3.25
Ayush KumarElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Prabhat AgarwalElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Sidhant SagarElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Ritesh KumarElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Kishan KumarElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Pragya PriyaElectricalAditya Birla Group6.6
Lucky AnandMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Vikram BahadurMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Rahul Kumar GuptaMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Neha KumariMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Vivek KumarMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Abhrojeet MishraMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Keshab RoyMetallurgyAditya Birla Group6.6
Aditya TiwariMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Anikesh Kumar MishraMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Ashutosh OjhaMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Shanu AnandMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Suraj MahatoMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Vishal MahtoMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Shubham KumarMiningAditya Birla Group6.6
Payal MishraChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Nishu KumariChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Kumar AyushChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Divya RajanChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Sweta SipraChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Shivani KumariChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Navinetra ShrivastavaChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Supriya KumariChemicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Sanu KumarMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Shubham GuptaMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Pranjal GhoshMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Abhineet KumarMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Ayush UmangMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Ankit ChoubeyMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Ankit PathakMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Ashish MarandiMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Vivek GuptaMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Rishav SinhaMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Sagar VermaMechanicalAditya Birla Group6.6
Kamal KumarITDeevia Software5
Amit KumarITDeevia Software5
Roshan Kumar SinghITDeevia Software (Intern)5
Amit Kumar SinghITDeevia Software (Intern)5
Ranjeet Singh MundaITDeevia Software (Intern)5
Ankit TripathyElectricalDeevia Software (Intern)5
Nikhil KumarECEDeevia Software5
Prince Kumar YadavCSEDeevia Software5
Ashutosh GauravElectricalTata Steel10.52
Anshu KumariECETata Steel10.52
Sanu KumarMechanicalTata Steel10.52
Rashmi SethCSETata Steel9.48
Shatakchhi AnujCSETata Steel9.48
Jyotish RanjanCSETata Steel9.48
Mannu Kumar GaddhyanCSETata Steel9.48
Sandhya ToppoElectricalExavalu5
Indrajit ChatterjeeElectricalExavalu5
Pankaj KumarMiningExavalu5
Vivek KumarProductionExavalu5
Suraj KumarMechanicalExavalu5
Sachin Kumar SinghMiningLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Md Aftab AlamMiningLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Chandan KumarCSELarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Milan KashyapCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Aman Raj SinghCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Harshit Kumar SinghCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Arbind Kumar GuptaCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Neetin Kumar NagCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Jasmine KhalkhoCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Aman Kumar GargCivilLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Somya VatsElectricalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Amandeep SinghITLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Shekhar Kumar KarmaliITLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Apurva DeyElectricalISWPL5.5
Mayank Raj GuptaElectricalRineX Technologies5
Anand ShankarMiningRineX Technologies5
Ranjeet Kumar HansdaMiningRineX Technologies5
Kushagra Kumar SinghMechanicalRineX Technologies5
Sushmita MandalECERineX Technologies5
Avinash KumarChemicalRineX Technologies5
Binit Kumar GoraiChemicalPI Industries5.5
Anjali SinghChemicalPI Industries5.5
Adarsh ChoudharyITSAMSUNG14.5
Shekhar Kumar KarmaliITSAMSUNG14.5
Anurag SinghITSAMSUNG14.5
Hrishi BaroiITSAMSUNG14.5
Kumari PriyaCSESAMSUNG14.5
Prashant KumarCSESAMSUNG14.5
Rahul PrabhakarCSESAMSUNG14.5
Ravi ShankarCSESAMSUNG14.5
Sapan RavidasCSESAMSUNG14.5
Rahul KumarCSESAMSUNG14.5
Aditaya BurnwalECESAMSUNG14.5
Krishna ModiECEHexaware Technologies3.5
Rohit KumarECEHexaware Technologies3.5
Pooja KumariECECognizant (Genc Next)6.75
Ravi ShankarCSECognizant (Genc Next)6.75
Sonu ManjhiCSECognizant (Genc Elevate)4
Ramgopal HembramECECognizant (Genc Elevate)4
Ranjeet Singh MundaITCognizant (Genc Elevate)4
Rumman AkhtarITCognizant (Genc Elevate)4
Binit Kumar GoraiChemicalCognizant4
Indrajeet Kumar SinghChemicalCognizant4
Md Sadique IqbalChemicalCognizant4
Nischal TopnoChemicalCognizant4
Saurabh BhardwajChemicalCognizant4
Shubham SahuChemicalCognizant4
Amit Kumar MondalChemicalCognizant4
Bishnu MahatoChemicalCognizant4
Kumar KaranChemicalCognizant4
Muskan ShahinChemicalCognizant4
Prem PrakashChemicalCognizant4
Pushp RajChemicalCognizant4
Ravi Shankar MajhiChemicalCognizant4
Rounak GuptaChemicalCognizant4
Roushan KumarChemicalCognizant4
Shubham KumarChemicalCognizant4
Swarnendu BanerjeeChemicalCognizant4
Swati Kumari SinghChemicalCognizant4
Aashika ShrivastavaCivilCognizant4
Aditya RajCivilCognizant4
Aman KumarCivilCognizant4
Amit Kumar MurmuCivilCognizant4
Anurag KumarCivilCognizant4
Manish Kumar VermaCivilCognizant4
Priyanshu KumarCivilCognizant4
Sumit KumarCivilCognizant4
Suraj KumarCivilCognizant4
Umesh KumarCivilCognizant4
Satish KumarCivilCognizant4
Rashmi SethCSECognizant4
Shreya KumariCSECognizant4
Suraj KachhapCSECognizant4
Suraj Lata HansdahCSECognizant4
Sweta KumariCSECognizant4
Anand Shankar TiwariElectricalCognizant4
Ankit TripathyElectricalCognizant4
Indrajit ChatterjeeElectricalCognizant4
Jay Kumar RavidasElectricalCognizant4
Md MusahidElectricalCognizant4
Saddam HussainElectricalCognizant4
Sagen BaskeyElectricalCognizant4
Soham VivekElectricalCognizant4
Nitin KumarElectricalCognizant4
Raman OraonElectricalCognizant4
Shiv Shankar KumarElectricalCognizant4
Sourav KumarElectricalCognizant4
Shikha RaniECECognizant4
Anu KumariITCognizant4
Puja KumariITCognizant4
Abhishek AnandMechanicalCognizant4
Abhishek KumarMechanicalCognizant4
Aditya Narayan ShuklaMechanicalCognizant4
Aditya SagarMechanicalCognizant4
Aman SiddharthaMechanicalCognizant4
Hritik Singh AnandMechanicalCognizant4
Suraj KumarMechanicalCognizant4
Suraj Kumar PaulMechanicalCognizant4
Vikash KumarMechanicalCognizant4
Ashutosh KumarMechanicalCognizant4
Vimal SorenMechanicalCognizant4
Ravi Shankar GuptaMetallurgyCognizant4
Sumit MarandiMetallurgyCognizant4
Pratima KumariMetallurgyCognizant4
Pravin MahliMetallurgyCognizant4
Bhabeshwar GiriMiningCognizant4
Birendra TuduMiningCognizant4
Ashish HansdaMiningCognizant4
Md Afsar HussainMiningCognizant4
Shayaan MoqueemMiningCognizant4
Abhijeet SinghProductionCognizant4
Ashutosh GuptaProductionCognizant4
Chandra Prakash PanditProductionCognizant4
Shruti KumariProductionCognizant4
Sushil KumarProductionCognizant4
Urja AmbastaProductionCognizant4
Vivek KumarProductionCognizant4
Debasish RoshanProductionCognizant4
Prakash MurmuProductionCognizant4
Prashant Kumar JhaProductionCognizant4
Souvik SenProductionCognizant4
Ankit PandeyChemicalTata Steel10.52
Keshab RoyMetallurgyTata Steel10.52
Priyanka BhartiCSESAMSUNG14.5
Adarsh Kumar SinhaECESAMSUNG14.5
Shalu RaniCSESAMSUNG14.5
Waquar HaseebCSESAMSUNG14.5
Anshay AdhayaynECESAMSUNG14.5
Anuj KumarCivilVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek ChoudharyCivilVEDANTA9.45
Nityanand RajCivilVEDANTA9.45
Vivek Chandra SinghCivilVEDANTA9.45
Raushan KumarCivilVEDANTA9.45
Raksha SinghCivilVEDANTA9.45
Kushagra KumarMiningPlanetSpark6.5
Abhijit ParasharElectricalPlanetSpark6.5
Ravi Shankar GuptaMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Abhijeet Kumar SinghMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Pravin MahliMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Rohin PramanikMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Soumyadeep GhoshMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Singray MurmuMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Atul RajMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Sandhya KumariMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek KumarMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Sumit KumarMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Akshay KumarMetallurgyVEDANTA9.45
Suraj Lata HansdahCSEVEDANTA9.45
Ragini Kumari OraonCSEVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek PandeyECEEdelweiss GIC8.7
Pankaj KumarMiningVEDANTA9.45
Md Afsar HussainMiningVEDANTA9.45
Naveen KujurMiningVEDANTA9.45
Mayank SinhaMiningVEDANTA9.45
Shayaan MoqueemMiningVEDANTA9.45
Subham Kumar SinghMiningVEDANTA9.45
Rahul KumarMiningVEDANTA9.45
Sourav Kumar SharmaMiningVEDANTA9.45
Rajan Kumar DubeyMiningVEDANTA9.45
Kushagra KumarMiningVEDANTA9.45
Sachin MandalMiningVEDANTA9.45
Madhav KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Debashish KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Devesh KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek Kumar VermaElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Natho JonkoElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Varunav VirajElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Shubham Kumar JhaElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Anurag GhoshElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Saddam HussainElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Samir Kumar SharmaMechanicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Priyank AgarwalMechanicalLarsen & Turbo Ltd.6
Rahul Kumar SawElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Sandeep KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Dolly GuptaElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Akash SawElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek KumarElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Anurag Kumar GuptaElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Gaurav NayanElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Deepali KumariElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Abhijit ParasharElectricalVEDANTA9.45
Raju Kumar YadavElectricalPhilips Carbon Black Limited5.25
Rohit Kumar RajakElectricalPhilips Carbon Black Limited5.25
Amit Kumar ChouhanChemicalPhilips Carbon Black Limited5.25
Shailesh AnandECEGoogle28
Prashant Kumar JhaProductionVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek Kumar SushilProductionVEDANTA9.45
Gautam KumarProductionVEDANTA9.45
Aman PatelProductionVEDANTA9.45
Sushil KumarProductionVEDANTA9.45
Suman ShrutiProductionVEDANTA9.45
Ramakant PanditProductionVEDANTA9.45
Rahul KumarProductionVEDANTA9.45
Souvik SenProductionVEDANTA9.45
Anisha ArunimaProductionVEDANTA9.45
Saqlain FirozProductionVEDANTA9.45
Shruti KumariProductionVEDANTA9.45
Nisha ManjhiProductionVEDANTA9.45
Shishir KumarProductionVEDANTA9.45
Payal SinghProductionVEDANTA9.45
Roshan KumarITEricsson4.5
Ankesh KumarITEricsson4.5
Abhishek SorenECEEricsson4.5
Sandeepa ToppoECEEricsson4.5
Manish Kumar MahatoITEricsson4.5
Vicky KumarMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Rounak RajMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Avinash PurtyMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek Kumar SinghMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Abhishek Kumar JhaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Nishant ShekharMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Sahil RajMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Rahul VermaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Sonu DasMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Gyanendra Kumar ShuklaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Vivek Kumar MundaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Aditya Narayan ShuklaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Aditya SagarMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Harsh AgarwalMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Santosh Singh MundaMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Rahul BhagatMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Suraj KumarMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Ashutosh KumarMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Bishal GhoshMechanicalVEDANTA9.45
Soham VivekElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Rashmi PriyaElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Adarsh KumarElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Sarfaraz AlamElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Ujjawal KumarElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Sourav KumarElectricalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Yogesh KumarMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Aman SiddharthaMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Abhishek KumarMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Abhinay KumarMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Anupam Kumar SinghMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Ranjit Kumar SawMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Mahesh PrasadMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Abhishek Kumar MishraMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Rahul Kumar GuptaMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Sachin PrakashMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Vijay Kumar GondMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Abhishek KumarMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Suman SouravMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Suraj Kumar PaulMechanicalArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Roshan Kumar RajakMechanicalTata Power6.06
Shashi KumarElectricalTata Power6.06
Ankit AnandMechanicalTata Power6.06
Saurabh BhardwajChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Md Sadique IqbalChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Shubham SahuChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Ajay Kr. LayakChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Keshu RanjanChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Muskan ShahinChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Nikhil KumarChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Amit Kumar MondalChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Vivek Kumar BarnwalChemicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Sudha BhartiMechanicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Om Prakash BhardwajMechanicalHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Chandan Kumar RajhwarMiningHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Vivek Kumar SinghMiningHOLCIM GROUP-ACC & AMBUJA7
Pallavi PriyaITSchlumberger9.5
Nandan NagMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Sanjay KumarMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Suraj KumarMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Kartik OraonMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Rohit KumarMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Muntazir AlamMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Bhaskar Kumar DubeyMetallurgyArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Vikash KumarMiningAdani Enterprises6
Ranjan SharmaMiningAdani Enterprises6
Shikhar AparvaMiningAdani Enterprises6
Om Prakash DasMiningAdani Enterprises6
Kunal KishorMiningAdani Enterprises6
Kumar RiteshMiningAdani Enterprises6
Anand ShankarMiningAdani Enterprises6
Sagar RajakMetallurgyBYJU’S6
Ankit Kumar JhaCivilBYJU’S6
Sachin MishraCivilBYJU’S6
Neetish KumarMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Chandranath MarandiMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Ranjan KumarMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Pradum KumharMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Laxman Prasad GuptaMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Chanchal ThakurMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Prashant Kumar JhaMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Ritik GuptaMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Rohan Singh MundaMiningDMT Group7.5
Shyam Kumar SinghCSESchlumberger9.45
Sachin MishraCivilAkash Institute9
Abhishek KumarCivilAkash Institute9
Sagar RajakMetallurgyAkash Institute9
Rahul KumarProductionAkash Institute9
Hritik Singh AnandMechanicalAkash Institute9
Neetish KumarMechanicalAkash Institute9
Gaurav KumarElectricalSchneider Electric9
Satya KumariECEINFOR8.5
Harsh SinhaECEINFOR8.5
Diksha RatnaCivilTata Power6.06
Shikha RaniECEAdani Enterprises6
Divyanshu RajECEAdani Enterprises6
Alvika BhushanCSESchlumberger9.45
Arvind BodraChemicalTata Power6.06
Abhijeet KumarElectricalTata Steel Downstream Products Limited6
Anjali KumariProductionTata Steel Downstream Products Limited6
Chandan RajElectricalTata Steel Downstream Products Limited6
Aatish KumarMechanicalTata Steel Downstream Products Limited6
Komolika KumariCivilTata Power6.06
Roshan Kumar SinghITAdani Enterprises6
Suraj Kumar MahtoITAdani Enterprises6
Vivek KumarCSEAdani Enterprises6
Rajveer AnshuCSEAdani Enterprises6
Vimal TuduCSEAdani Enterprises6
Anushka PrasadECESchlumberger9.45
Annu KumariECESchlumberger9.45
Raju MandalMiningArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Vishal KumarMiningArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Apoorv Ashish ParmarMiningArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Sujeet Kumar ChourasiaMiningArcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd5
Kavita KumariChemicalJSW5.5
Indrajeet Kumar SinghChemicalJSW5.5
Swati Kumari SinghChemicalJSW5.5
Urja AmbastaProductionJSW5.5
Himanshu RanjanMetallurgyJSW5.5
Rahul KumarChemicalJSW5.5
Varsha AgarwalChemicalVEDANTA9.45
Richa KumariChemicalVEDANTA9.45
Somya KumariChemicalVEDANTA9.45
Megha KumariChemicalVEDANTA9.45
Sunil KumarMechanicalAdani Enterprises6
Kumar KaranChemicalAdani Enterprises6
Rounak GuptaChemicalAdani Enterprises6
Sumeet VishwakarmaChemicalAdani Enterprises6
Sagar JainChemicalAdani Enterprises6
Nischal TopnoChemicalAdani Enterprises6
Deepak KumarCivilEricsson4.5
Pratik BanerjeeCivilEricsson4.5
Swaraj RajCivilEricsson4.5
Ankit Kumar SinghCivilEricsson4.5
Aman KumarProductionEricsson4.5
Praveen KumarProductionEricsson4.5
Giridhar Kumar RamProductionEricsson4.5
Rohit Kumar OraonMiningEricsson4.5
Sanju KumariChemicalEricsson4.5
Sudha TudduECETata Power6.06
Pradeep MohliMetallurgyBYJU’S6
Suraj Kumar RoyMetallurgyJSW8
Pradeep MohliMetallurgyJSW8
Sandeep YadavMetallurgyJSW8
Pratima KumariMetallurgyJSW8
Sonu Kumar SharmaMetallurgyJSW8
Mukesh MarandiMetallurgyJSW8
Anil Kumar SawElectricalTata Power6.06
Aditya RanjanElectricalTata Power6.06
Saurav AnandElectricalTata Power6.06
Suraj Kumar MandalElectricalTata Power6.06
Hitesh SardarElectricalTata Power6.06
Nilesh Kumar NayanMetallurgyJSW8
Shubham KumarMetallurgyJSW8
Nisha KumariProductionJSW8
Shivam SinghProductionJSW8
Ayush KumarProductionJSW8
Ravi Kumar MandalElectricalTata Technologies6.65
Kunal Ranjan SinghElectricalTata Technologies6.65
Raman OraonElectricalTata Technologies6.65
Sandipan SarkarMechanicalTata Technologies6.65
Aditya JhaMechanicalTata Technologies6.65

The class of 2022’s success is a testament to the institute’s high standards and the strength of its placement mechanism, which provides both candidates and hiring managers with ample and much-needed flexibility as the whole process was entirely online. Several well-known recruiters, including VEDANTA, Larsen & Turbo Ltd., Deloitte USI, Samsung, CISCO, Microsoft, Schlumberger and Tata Steel, among others, took part in the placement process.

These figures certainly help reinforce the message that has reverberated around the BIT campus for decades- BITIANS are second to none.







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