In a momentous achievement for the institute, B.I.T. Sindri bagged the second position in AICTE’s learning assessment survey. This was just an extension of BIT’s recent streak of stellar achievements. This impressive result was brought to fruition by the remarkable performance of 193 students, which saw them attain a 5 star-ranking for scoring more than 70% on the online test.

“This glorious achievement is a testament to the growth of the institute under the dynamic and transformational leadership of our beloved Director. He always takes pride to promote the brand BIT SINDRI,” said Dr. Ghanshyam (Chairman, Career Development Centre, BIT Sindri).

Dr. Ghanshyam believes that the institute is home to students that are among the best in the country and the result reflected their quality as well. This awe-inspiring performance certainly validates his notion and paves the way for future success. The AICTE PARAKH project aims to assess students’ and faculty members’ academic and higher-order thinking skills to better understand the elements that influence skill development in India’s technical institutes.

The survey that was conducted on the online test portal PARAKH, required the first-year students to take a test in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, in addition to all levels of aptitude. For second, third, and final-year students, the subject of assessment was their proficiency in their area of specialization. The aggregate grades for third and final-year students included their achievement in the emerging arenas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dr. D.K. Singh, Director, BIT Sindri, was full of praise over this outcome as he acknowledged the efforts and intellect of the students while appreciating the significant contributions of faculty members and other stakeholders of the institution. “Leaving behind the engineering colleges of the country with a higher perception index proves that BIT Sindri stands among the best in terms of quality of the students in the country,” he said.

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