Technology is purely time-bounded. Escaping from updating the existing technology makes it obsolete in the future course. Subsequently, with certain changes and updates in new technologies, the users should also adopt it and integrate with the technology in full measure. This simultaneous process of adoption, integration and further innovation stands the only path for the sustainable development of mankind.

As well said by Sukant Ratnakar:

“Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt and integrate new technology into our work.”

Certain technological advances require a futuristic mindset and unshakable willpower to research upon. Keeping the importance of research and innovation in mind, on 04th March ’22, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BIT Sindri, and the CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark jointly set up a 6G Centre of Excellence in BIT Sindri.

Prof. Ramjee Prasad, Aarhus University, Denmark, who’s also the alumnus of BIT Sindri said, “BIT Sindri will be the first college in India to provide a platform for the research scholars and others to conduct research upon the 6G. “The centre has been established under the MoU between BIT Sindri and Aarhus University,” said Prof. DK Singh, Director of the institute. The core area of research on wireless communication will be “Broad Spectrum, Comprehensive AI, Mass Network Automation, and Mass Memo Communication, etc.”

Professor Arun Kumar, Director of Technical Education, Jharkhand, played a crucial role in making the event a big success. BIT Sindri alumni, Mr Ramesh Yadav and Mr Anil Kumar from California were also present in the meeting online.

Prof. Pankaj Kumar Rai (Dean Academic), Prof. Arvind (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Prof. MG Tiary (HOD ECE), Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh (HOD Mechanical Engineering), Prof. DK Tanti (Electrical Engineering), Prof. SC Roy, Prof. Rajiv (CSE and IT) and other faculties were present on this occasion.

Such progressive steps with keeping future technology in mind promote youth in exploring the versatile fields of research and form the spine of technological development of any institute.

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