The game is out there, but it’s either play or get played.’

It has been truly noted by mankind over the centuries that sports plays an inevitable role in bringing positive energy and a positive outlook to life.
As an initiative to bring out the sports fanatics amongst the students at B.I.T Sindri, the SPORTS CLUB organized and conducted an inter-branch volleyball and basketball tournament at the Club Ground. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of all the branches in both the sports. BIT populace was in all readiness to experience five days of high intensity sports events as all the branches go all out, to take the coveted winner’s trophy home. It was 7th April and the clock was ticking to crown the victorious branch. The players had put on their tracks, tied their laces tight and were ready to set out on a thrilling and adventurous ride.

The event was off to a great start as we looked on to a tremendous response from both, the players and their branch mates cheering on at the battleground. The inaugural ceremony was conducted in the presence of esteemed professors, Prof R.K Verma, Prof. Pankaj Rai, Prof Arvind Kumar and Prof Abhay kumar.

The Volleyball tournament made a kick start with Chemical engineering students competing against Mining engineering in court 1 and Metallurgy battling it against M. Tech students simultaneously in the second court. These were followed by Electrical vs Information technology and Civil Engineers against Electronics and Communication Engineers. After majestic Mining again fought against the Explosive Chemicals, followed by Production vs. Chemical, the inauguration day came to an end.

The sporting battle resumed the next day with the rising sun, shattering all the previously set benchmarks and attracting ever increasing number of participants and spectators. Volleyball tournament proceeded with several matches in both the courts. More exhilarating matches between different branches followed each day with the immense hard work and dedication of the organizing team.
As the event headed towards its penultimate day, with only the best teams left in the fray, the department of Mechanical Engineering emerged as the winners of the VOLLEYBALL tournament (boys) defeating an inspired challenge from the Metallurgical Engineers. On the other hand, Electrical Engineering girls proved their mettle by bagging the title and the bragging rights of being the best in the game. The scorching sun could not dampen the spirits of the players, who stepped in the field brimming with energy and the virtue of sportsmanship in their hearts.
Shwetabh from Metallurgy was crowned with the lustrous title called ‘Player of the tournament’ in Volleyball whereas Vishal from Mining engineering walked away with the ‘Emerging player of the tournament’trophy. Another outstanding player from the Majestic mining department, Sritav carried off the ‘Best defender’ award while ‘The best attacker’ award was bagged by Sunny from Mechanical engineering.
The girls also participated with an unequally impressive spirit and ‘Player of the tournament’ went to Aditi Oraon from Electrical department whereas Komolika from Civil Engineering came out as the ‘Emerging player of the tournament’.

This was how the Volleyball tournament ended for all the marquee players and exceptionally ebullient audience at the club ground.

Alongside the volleyball fervor, the unquenchable desire ignited inside the basketball players was evident as they left no stone unturned to carry all before one, for their branches this time. After five days of fierce battle in the basketball court wherein teams played with just one heartbeat, the winner of the tournament(boys) was the department of Electronics and Communication engineering whereas Electrical engineering girls overcame all odds to be crowned crowned as winners for girls’ tournament.
Sameer from ECE clinched the title of ‘Player of the tournament’ and Ashish Jamuda from Electrical bagged ‘Emerging player of the tournament’. Amongst the girls, Preeti from Electrical department was aptly named as the ‘Player of the tournament’ while Sumanti from Computer Science and Engineering department came to the fore as ‘Emerging player of the tournament.’

The sports fest was concluded with our Patron, Dr. D.K Singh awarding the winners for their outshining performance in sports during the felicitation ceremony. He addressed everyone present with the elements elucidating the importance of sports in an individual’s life.

All the teams played immensely well against each other to shoot and survive in this season of tournament. Throughout the event, everyone strived to keep the very spirit of sports alive- Improving, Adapting and then, outdoing ourselves, day by day, step by step, bit by bit. The competition presented the perfect opportunity for the students at B.I.T Sindri to showcase and improverise their skills as able players, excellent teammates and above all, true sportspersons. We look forward to many such euphoric events in the campus.

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