The thrill and inspiration of a technical start-up took over the campus of B.I.T Sindri as Startup Cell, B.I.T Sindri organised a technical discussion on the blazing topic of the rampant growth ‘Artificial intelligence‘ as an effective tool in an entrepreneurial environment and the latest cutting edge innovations in the field. It was indeed time for all the campus populace to engross their minds in a battle of multiple notions and convictions.

The day presented the students, guests who were absolutely cognizant with the domain of this topic. Eminent entrepreneurs like Mr. Indrakant Thakur, Chief Executive Officer of DEEVIA Software India Pvt Limited and Mr. Apoorv M. Angad, co-founder of DEEVIA Software India Pvt Limited passed on the fruits of their experience in this field to the audience. Mr. Thakur has contributed significantly in the fields of automobiles, surveillance and mobile products and is currently exploring his interests in computer vision, linear algebra, machine learning and deep learning for Industrial, Enterprise and automobile. Indrakant Thakur, an IIT-Bombay and BIT Sindri alumnus has previously provided his services at Tata Steel, D-link Networking R&D, Samsung Toshiba and other prestigious firms.

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The interactive session commenced with the experts introducing their firm, and providing an insight into the way startup journey has unfolded until now. Prior to the introductory session, Dr. D.K. Singh, Director, BIT Sindri and Dr. Prakash Kumar(HOD, Department of Production engineering) serving as the Convener, Start-up Cell, BIT Sindri presented shawls and mementos to the guests of honor.

Shedding light on the topic, the experts present there talked about the basic concepts of A.I. to make computer systems perform tasks that typically require a lot of human efforts. These included speech recognition, language translation and all tasks pertaining to visual perception and decision making ability.

Dr. D.K. Singh emphasized on the arena of A.I. research and mentioned that it is mainly based upon learning ability, logical reasoning, problem solving feature, sound judgment and language utilization. He said that all these attributes have now become an integral component of our daily lives in the present era.
Dr. Prakash Kumar talked about the advancements in making A.I. economical as it is expensive at present. Talking about the multiple positive aspects of A.I., he quoted examples such as Cortana incorporated in Microsoft Windows-10 and Siri by Apple Inc. Long drives into the unknown zones have become possible due to the GPS road maps that are prime examples of A.I. implementation. He stated that the institute is providing necessities pertaining to the advancements in the contemporary era to the students via start-up cell.

As start-up enthusiasts and professors were present during the session were along with the Start-up cell members. To end the event, the vote of thanks was delivered by Deepak Kumar, the student coordinator of startup cell, B.I.T Sindri.

The event marked it’s presence in the legacy of events for the business enthusiasts and start-up minds in the college and we are left looking forward for many more such events.

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