After showcasing the immense talent of engineers in fields of art & culture through the cultural fest last month, the clubs of institute came together to exhibit what an engineer can do in his area of expertise through a technical fest. Jointly organized by Model Club, IETE, and ISTE ,the tech fest continued from 13th-15th April 2018. The inaugural ceremony commenced on 12th April 2018 from 4:30 pm onwards in DPA. This included lamp lighting by our director Dr. D.K.Singh and the professor incharges of the three clubs ,Dr. R.P. Gupta, Prof. Imtiyaaz Ahmed, Prof. J.P. Singh followed by some inspiring words of wisdom.

Day 1:


Sandhaan,the flagship event of Model club provided a platform to the under-grad students to showcase their technical prowess. The entire event was conglomeration of various innovative segments like Kurukshetra, Dead or Alive, Carrom Bot, Scientica , Expositio,  Bike assembling,  Hydroflight, T2B, Modex, Mr./Ms. Engineer , Techie of the Year , Da –Vinci Code, CEO, Robo seguidor, MATLAB, Aavishkar, Shoot at Sight,Guest Lecture and  Mega Show.

The details of various segments organized were :

Kurukshetra: It was the most brutal combat of robotics where two mechanical bots fought for the ultimate glory .

CarromBot , which was  challenge to create mechanical robots which were capable of playing  on a carrom like board .

Modex , which was a technical model exhibition exclusively chalked out to court participation beyond the walls of technical institutions and to Kindle the minds of neighbouring school youths.

Bike assembling  , a unique event where students were supposed to assemble a bike with given parts / rectify the configurational error in the assembly to start it.


The focus point of the event was the guest lecture by Major Vandana SharmaWoman Icon asia pacific 2017, a pioneer of women empowerment, also a successful entrepreneur and the first women speaker in BIT. She instilled in every mind the idea of making one’s life count.

The winners of the various segments are:

Carrom Bot

1st-Sg Creations:

1.Vikas Kumar

2.Randheer Kumar

3.Sujeet Gupta

4.Vivek Ray

2nd prize-Galaxy(Asansol Engineering College):

1.Abhijeet Anand

2.Abhishek Anand

3.Anubhav Kumar

Dead or Alive


1st-Team name-3A:

1.Ashok ram

2.Ashish Navin Bakhla

3.Ashutosh Kumar

2nd-Back Benchers:

1.Roshan Oraon

2.Amit Soren

3. Ajay kumar Tudu

4.Mohit kr .Mahato

3rd -The Wreckers:

1.Altaj Raza

2.Avinash kumar

3.Akash Khalkho

4.Shubham jha


1st-PREDATOR(Asansol engineering College):

1.Manish Kumar

2.Shubham Kumar

3.Vivek Ranjan

4.Shashwat Aish

2nd Prize-HAPAT(Asansol Engineering College):

1.Sohit Kumar

2.Aditya Mohan

3. Abhishek Kumar

4.Rishu Kumar






a.Prakhar Srivastava


1st – NEDMART: Pallavi jha & Saurav Tiwari

2nd – CINCH LIFE AVENUE: Avinash Kumar & Aditya Narayan


1st-B.I.T. SINDRI(Electro maniacs):

RAHUL TIRKEY,(Metallurgical Engineering)

Sumit Kumar,(Mechanical engineering)

Bike Assembling


1st-Road hunters:

1.Rishav Raj

2.Praveen  Singh

3.Ravi Kumar Suraj

4.Subham Kumar


1st-Girl Power






1st-MODA(Asansol Engineering College):Abhimanyu Kumar

2nd-ASSIST: Pallavi Jha & Saurav Tiwari

Mr./Ms. Engineer

Ankur kumar Srivastava(Mining Engineering)


Nikhil kumar Singh

Abhishek Karan

MATLAB:Ashish Gupta & Animesh



1st-Team THANOS

1.Kumar Vashishtha

2.Bhuwan Mahto

3.Snehal Singh

2nd-Deadpool(Asansol Engineering College)

1.Rashit Jameel

2.Ankit Singh Rathore

3.Ankit Kumar

4.Rahul Sharma

3rd-Magic Moments

1.Praveen Singh


Day 2:

On 14th of April 2018 the flagship event of IETE ,Tech Udbhav  incorporated a whole variety of segments ranging from Robo Soccer, Maze runner, Insight , Graffiti, Byte the Bits, Mr./Miss Technocrat, tech expo, Meme Show.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 The winners included :


1.Abhishek Kumar Singh(ECE) and Nikhil Kumar Singh(Civil)

2.Priya Saluja(ECE)

3.Sunny Keshri(Production)


1.Prakhar Srivastava(IT)

2.Pallavi Jha(Electrical) and Saurav Tiwary(Electrical)

3.Subhashish patra(Civil)

Tech Expo

Sujit Gupta and Vivek Kumar (for 3D screen)

Mr/Miss technocrat

Animesh Kumar(Electrical)

Anubha Singh(ECE)

Meme Show

1.Anibrato adhikari(IT)

2.Pallavi Jha(Electrical)

Vaibhav pandey(Electrical)

3.Shweta Suman(Electrical)

Day 3:

The third day of the tech fest was organized by ISTE,it’s flagship event being Triveni. The zeal of the students could be seen in the huge participation in the various events among which were  Most Intelligent Branch,Technical paper presentation,trust your instinct,discover BIT,Ozone,Ideate,Code Czar,Incite.


The winners of the various segments are as follows:


1.Anubha Singh (ECE)

2.pallavi jha & sourav tiwary (electrical )

3.shweta suman



Harsh nd manas Kumar sah

Incite – saurabh singh mech – final yr




chem – 2nd yr

Code Czar

rohit – it 3rd yr




And thus ended the fest season in the college with culmination of Tech Fest.


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