Entrepreneurship is not about ideas, its about making these ideas happen. To celebrate such phenomenal minds Startup cell of BIT Sindri sponsored by TEQIP Cell organised first ever entrepreneurs’ meet on 15th April.

A piece of wisdom from a successful persona is the best catalyst for young minds to motor their journey against all odds.In light of the above fact, 10 eminent speakers and the mayor of Dhanbad were invited to deliver their advice to the blooming minds of BIT Sindri. The guest of honour was the mayor of Dhanbad- Chandra Shekhar Aggrawal, who himself is a technocrat, an entrepreneur & a politician. An excerpt from their speech following their name is mentioned below.

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1. Saurabh Kumar (CEO at ToWaSo)
– An ISM Dhanbad alumnus and environment lover, determined to provide a solution for the household waste. “Many of you may want to become your own boss. But that’s absolutely not possible in entrepreneurship. In any company customer is the only boss”.

2. Ravi Singh Choudhary (Founder Krishi Utthan)
– An alumnus and agro enthusiast who has used sophisticated advanced technologies like AI and advanced softwares (hardware imported from Israel & software from Australia) in agriculture and rendered positive the profit graph of the backbone of the country. His start-up also consolidates the small land owners as a result of Indian demography to help them reap larger profits.

3. Saurabh Choudhary (CEO Lemnit)-
A typical Bihari guy, a middle class layman and US graduate entrepreneur told that Indian start-up ecosystem is very interesting as well as assuring. Competition here is least in comparison to other greater economies of the world. “Gone are the days when people used conventional techniques to get their job done. After the invention of artificial intelligence and block-chain, chores can be completed more efficiently, thereby getting the best results”.

4. Gaurav Singh (Co-Founder MyPerfectice) – A BIT Sindri mechanical engineering alumnus & a significant part of probably the most talked about start-up in our college, currently helping students with exam related stuffs, targets to reform the way students learn. This education technology start-up – My perfectice currently functional in many colleges across India, has won numerous awards in it’s name.

Gaurav Singh (Co-Founder MyPerfectice)

5. Harendra Singh (CEO Asarfi Group of Hospitals) – The CEO of one of the best hospitals of Dhanbad talked about how he fulfilled his family’s dream of establishing a hospital. Talking about his hard days, he said that despite getting a job in 1999, he earned his first salary in 2010. “You need to be very much calm and patient. It sounds good but it’s very hard to execute”, referring to those days he said. Once there was a patient referred to his hospital. A CT scan machine was required for his treatment but at that time Dhanbad didn’t have any, consequently the patient passed away. He ran out of the hospital and asked God that why he couldn’t throw a machine from the heavens there. After few months following his meet with Dr Kalam, he found himself standing at exactly the same place where he knew the machine was to be delivered. “Do what you like & have faith in God”, he said “because when you have faith in God, anything is possible and you’ll be most successful when you’ll be contented. You don’t need to ask anyone about it. That’s the meaning of success.”
6. Vikash Kumar Prajapati (Founder of Putoos Graphics LLP): A production engineering alumnus, started by employing women from neighbourhood, taught them to use computers & thereby to design. Talking about his days in college, he said “college education doesn’t equip you with practical knowledge of market and job environment. One should always try to take industrial tours and attend seminars to acquire the necessary details. Always follow what is required”. Adding more, “why to be a job seeker when you can be a job provider”.
7. Abhinav Shah (Co-founder, Osam Dairy)- A CA turned entrepreneur was well aware of the myth that packaged milk was always looked upon as a synthetic product. So he pledged to revolutionise this industry and shatter this long followed norm by venturing in the field of dairy products with a dream to provide quality products to the consumer. His hard work and dedication rendered his company’s turnover to 100 Cr. “Establishing firm trust in your customers’ mind is the sole key to success for your start-up. Customers are God“, he added. “Believe in the idea you’ve envisaged. You’re the only one who knows the true worth of it and understands what change it can prompt”. On building a team he said, “choosing your team wisely can certainly decide your coup. Choose jack of all rather than master of one.”
8. Sourav Karmakar (Managing Director iB Arts Pvt. Ltd.): The MD of a company, known worldwide for its innovative and noble graphic designs, website making abilities and logos, said “nothing is more important than customers’ perception about you. Devise strict work ethics and adhere to it, for it will decide the future of your start-up“.

Sourav Karmakar (Managing Director iB Arts Pvt. Ltd.)

9. Sumit Kumar ( VP operations, Jharkhand Innovation Lab):- Jharkhand government delegates said, ” the government has opened up JIL, where one can submit their ideas & if selected, the government will fund them with upto ₹10 lacs. We are also coming up with a dedicated team of experts who will be available anytime to support budding entrepreneurs. Believe in yourself and contact us in need. The government is always with you .”
The speakers also satisfactorily answered the questions of the aspiring entrepreneurs about theft of ideas saying that an idea without a successful implementation is just a thought and no one except the conceiver knows its worth. The speakers also accentuated the fact that everything should be done in strict accordance with the laws of the state.

Prakash Sir, HOD of Production engineering; stated that One could nurture his life or his surrounding only by his ideas ,because ideas can ignite fire and bring change for the betterment of society and nation .

Director D.K. Singh

And in this regard, Director D.K. Singh focused on the fact that short path never leads to a sterling business and mentioned that students of our college are interestingly moving in the direction of entrepreneurship under the guidance of two most dedicated faculty members Prakash Sir and R .P Gupta Sir. Following that, the most charismatic personality of the evening, Mayor of Dhanbad – Chandra Shekhar Aggarwal laid emphasis on being unique. He said that the root of uniqueness is quite bitter but the fruit is always sweet. “Contemplate & introspect yourself. Self assessment is penultimate. Environment may be deterring but stay resolute”, he added.
Student entrepreneurs of our college also presented their ideas and got their ideas refined by the experts of the respective fields.

The event was not only very interactive but also very substantial and enlightening in terms of business world. Start-up enthusiasts got exhilarated by the benign presence of such dignitaries & the wisdom they had to share. Getting an idea of how a start-up functions and how to implement an idea and extract profit out of it, the first ever start-up meet of our college ended successfully.

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