24th March marked for itself a special corner in our calender, all owing to the visit of Dr B S Sahay, one of the vintage stars and proprietor of numerous glorious titles who graced his alma-mater to share some of his experiences and learnings in life with the fellow students of the campus.

He is an alumunus from the batch of 1977 Production Engineering and the founder Director of IIM Raipur who has also served as director and Dean of several institutions of national repute.

A session was organised to illuminate his recently acquired feathers and to motivate the students to pursue higher aspirations by taking lessons from his career journey.

The session was organized by Training and Placement Cell of BIT sindri in which students from all the years registered their presence in the grand Rajendra Prasad Auditorium to view aspects of future scope and career suitability through higher studies .

Everyone in the hall sitting was on their haunches, eager to learn about his success story. Without any further delay, he started his talk with a kind confession – “I’m not here to preach you some philosophy, but indeed to talk to you all“. This simple sentence of his filled the air with friendliness. He talked about a lot of significant things but there were some points which are worth mentioning regarding our lives and its contentment .

He suggested 5 ways to settle our lives and be contented. This includes :

1) In order to secure jobs ,think beyond average and pursue higher studies and learn something rewarding .Knowledge is a key to success and this is inarguable as most of the CEOs have MBA degrees.  

2) Take CAT or GMAT  and pursue MBA. A question pops out that why to switch to management when pursuing engineering. Engineering knowledge provides us technical soundness which is too specialised and thus can be used in particular scenes. But management skills comes into play where you work in a team or lead it to achieve some common or large goals

3) Go for M-Tech or MS. This is a good option for people who want to carve career in engineering and put engineering over management.

4) Go for civil services. Be it an IAS, IPS, IFS or anything, they have a wonderful career and directly contribute to the development of a nation. Being from an engineering background, one get a sharp edge to his analytical capability and system thinking.

5) Be an entrepreneur. Why to be a job seeker when you can be a job provider. He told that entrepreneurship has plethora of options with no boundaries.

Quoting his words, “One can be anyone. Given a person has a treasure casket of will power, assiduous temperament and disciplined attitude, he or she can conquer the impossible of impossibles. And most important of all, be a bit of narcissist – love yourself, admire yourself and respect yourself. This will boost your confidence and we all know that no weapon on earth is as supreme as ‘ CONFIDENCE’. So acquire it and invest it smartly.

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2 thoughts on “5 ROADS to a SECURE CAREER – Hear it from the IIM Director

  1. Unfortunately I was unable to be present there due to my lab., So I was expecting you guys to deliver his words and yes, you did it. But, honestly speaking I was expecting more from you guys, a little more descriptive about the session. It points out only 5 points. There must have been more.

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