Success stories are not merely the outcomes of unmatched labour and cool temperament, but also the projection of strong motivated self. Life becomes easy when you realize that it’s none but you who is in control of your destiny.

This is certainly evident from the success headlines of our recently acclaimed GATE – 34 Ranker from Mechanical Engineering, Shashwat Raj. 

Enjoy the interview session.

1. Sarjana : As of now, that you have become quite a celebrity after the GATE results, please tell us something about yourself ?

S R : Well, I am basically from Dhanbad and I completed my higher secondary from Dhanbad Public School.

2. Sarjana : What was your first reaction after seeing the GATE result ? Did it meet your expectations ?

S R : I scored 89.25 marks in GATE. I was expecting to hit the top 10 list, but unfortunately due to some minor mistakes and heavy competition all around I managed with this rank which in itself for Mechanical stream is not bad. But yes, I was rather expecting more.

3. Sarjana : It is a preconceived notion that GATE through Mechanical is a tough nut to crack. Is it a reality or a myth ?

S R : Yes, of course. It is nothing but a widespread misbelief that GATE through Mechanical is too tough. I had the same misconception as well in the beginning but it all got cleared when I witnessed the results of Anand Modi sir of 2k12 batch. I thought if they can, why not I ! I joined the test series and was able to score good marks and this helped me boost my confidence. So, untill and unless one does not start his preparation, I think it’s only a myth.

4. Sarjana : What according to you is the importance of any coaching institute during the preparations ?images (7)

S R : Thousands of undergraduates prepare for this exam every year, but for good results you need a proper direction and guidance. You need someone who can keep you at your toes while preparation. The environment at coaching institutes negates the distraction that one faces while preparing from home. And in my case I think the institute has played 50 percent of the work in kissing the success.

5. Sarjana : Generally speaking, everyone who is successful has his/her own strategy and unique way of achieving success. What was yours ?

S R : Since the exam is tough, I did a proper planning beforehand, completed all the subjects on time and planned properly. The most difficult part during preparation is execution of all your plans. Apart from this I also gave importance to recreation. If I studied for four hours, I managed an hour for recreation. Actually, it refreshes the mind. Along with that one must be engrossed in one’s goal. The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. If one fixes its goal and is focussed, the person is bound to succeed.

6. Sarjana : How many hours a day a person should study according to you ?

S R : Well that’s not fixed. Sometimes, I used to study 8 hours a day, sometimes 6 and then for some period of time I didn’t even get that . This was the case when placement season was in full bloom and I was not able to study due to the distractions. Since I had completed my syllabus till then, it wasn’t a big deal. I think if you can sit for 5-6 hours everyday, it would be ample to crack the exam.

7. Sarjana: And here comes the most important question. Self motivation comes from within and it plays a major role in determining the success story of a person. How did you manage to be self motivated inspite of all the distractions ?

S R : For this I would incorporate my family background in the scene. I belong to a middle class family and my father had a monthly income of Rs. 8000 when I joined this college. I did my 12th coaching from Fiitjee and my brother was also studying in a reputed school at that time. My parents faced quite a lot of hardships. Thus , I had a strong feeling within me to do something for them. This feeling inspired me every moment to achieve something and I toiled hard with full dedication. In order to be motivated , you need a strong reason behind it, be it a dream, or your parent’s wish, or anything. You just need a strong cultivating factor .

8. Sarjana : Some people focus on GATE, some on CAT while the others remain confused . How can a person identify the career of his choice ?

images (8)

S R : We see that good results are obtained in almost every field, whether it is GATE or CAT or campus placements. So what one has to do is to choose the best according to his preferences. If you need a job immediately, you could go for GATE and join PSUs. However, if you have enough time and you are eyeing to fetch a heavier bag, it is better to opt for CAT and do MBA.

9. Sarjana: If you were not an engineer, what would have you been ?

S R : I haven’t thought anything in this regard but I would confess that I love to paint. I think I would have been a painter if not an engineer.

10. Sarjana: What are your future plans?

S R : I would prefer to get a job at present but it’s my dream to qualify IAS examination. It is well said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”. So I would like to give a try after one or two years for an IAS examination.

11. Sarjana: Any message you want to convey to our budding aspirants ?

S R : Look. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about how and what you inspire others to do. If I and my feat were able to delete any form of doubt in the younger minds regarding the GATE exam, I would consider it a greater accomplishment. I would say one should have confidence in self. Just follow your dreams. If others can do it , why not you ! Work hard, taste failures, yet give your best. Then wait for the sweet success to follow.

Sarjana : Thank you for all your words. It has been a pleasure talking to you while you shared your valuable experience with us.

That’s it from our side. Stay updated with our website for more important stuff. 🙂

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  1. Dear sarjana ,
    I would like to suggest that please ask the question ” when did you start your preparations? ” to the toppers as this is the most important question that comes in the mind of aspirants.
    Hope ,next time my suggestion will be considered.
    Thank you for keeping us updated.

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