The four days of mega cultural carnival which started from- 17th and consummated on 20th March  were inarguably the most ultra-spectacular treat to the bitians. Continuing the tradition of cultural extravaganza, this year’s event – Bitaansh’18 witnessed the crest of  pure grandeur.

Vibrating and enthralling atmosphere entangled with a bag full of interesting competitions of every genre for all classes made the event a true success .The event was diligently organized in collaboration by the three clubs of the institute , LEO , Arts  and Gandhi Rachnatmak Samiti. 

On 19th of March , Kislay the flagship event of Gandhi Rachnatmak Samiti endorsed various segments which appealed to mass and drew huge participation .The list of segments in the event comprised of General Election, Seedhi Baat and Director’s Cut.

General election is a sort of parliamentary resembling session where few chosen BITians are given chance to present their bills and devise a solution to some of the pre-proposed inevitable problems issued  in the bills. On the basis of debate involving the participants, professors as well as students ,the winner is chosen .In this segment the the first position was secured by Saurav Singh and Rajeev Kumar (final year), second position was secured by Prachi Apoorva (third year) and the third position was secured by Divyaansh Ranjan ( first year).

There was also an event known as Seedhi Baat  where one gets an opportunity to impersonate their favorite personalities. It is very true that everyone of us long to be like our favorite celebs.This segment was all about the dressing sense, accent ,and presentation of the personality one has chosen to impersonate .The winner of this segment was Nidhi Jha ,the second position was secured by Anjali and Pallavi Jha and the third position was secured by Sumit Thakur.

Last came the most awaited and truly entertaining segment i.e Director’s Cut.As the name suggests this segment was all about to unleash the directorial instinct of anyone who avows to have film making talent. The movies made by the students themselves is shown and a winner accordingly is selected.The winner movie was the ‘Baba@finalyear’ and the second position was secured by ‘The Unprivileged’.

And …now after witnessing the tight tussle in the above mentioned segments, it was time to relish with some good nos.To harness the same some enthralling and charismatic performances by Arts Club has been slated .Also to engross in full masti flurry of events were organized under the title Euphony , Masquerade , Sizzle Zone ,a stage for the artists to showcase their singing , dramatics and dancing skills.

Breaking the strings was a competition to win the title of Mr. and Miss BITAANSH which was bagged by Uddeshya Kumar and Puja Bharti of Computer Science and engineering, 2k16 .


When the most awaited celebrity night of 20th March knocked the rug ,the air heated up in full excitement.Before the celebrated personality Asit Tripathy made his way to the stage , the stage was fully owned by the Arts Club who in every possible inches entertained the audience with some really colourful performances of dance nos, drama and vocals.

The vapour lights faded up ,the chaos subsided and  whispers sneaked through ,when the man who owned the night walked out the stage.  Suddenly after the milliseconds of pause the crowd burst out to full blast when Asit Tripathy took over the mic.In a moment the environment changed and everyone out there went gaga to his mellifluous voice.

Starting from his latest song Tu ban ja Gali Banaras ki he took us on a musical ride where the scale kept on increasing and henceforth adding in us more wilder steps .It was not the scene to flaunt one’s dancing skills but was a moment to dance to oneself in a way, as no one was watching to .

Asit Tripathy

This pleasing torture ran upto two hours where everyone was submerged in the beats of music entangled with high energy fever.The mercury of excitement suddenly dropped to zero when the music end up and the night concluded with some precious memories to be taken with oneself to live up the year till the next musical extravaganza hits the floor.

The winners of various events are as follows :


1) Ashwini Anand (P. K. Roy Memorial College)

2) Faheem (P. K. Roy Memorial College)

3) Abhijeet Kumar ( P. K. Roy) & Viswajeet Chouhan (Calcutta School of Music)


1) Sachin Kumar (BIT SINDRI)

2) Prince Aakash (P. K. Roy Memorial College)

3) Maharaj Mandal (P. K. Roy Memorial College)

#HelpingHands  :

Pallavi Silky Jha (BIT SINDRI)

#Dub_It_Up :

1) Mohd. Farhat Rahi Anis (BIT SINDRI)

2) Mohit Pandey (BIT SINDRI)

3)  Nikita Bharadwaj (GGSESTC)


1) Radhika Garg (BIT SINDRI)

2) Soumya Bharti (BIT SINDRI)

3) Priya Saluja (BIT SINDRI)

4) Akriti Verma (BIT MESRA)

5) Inderpreet Singh (GGSESTC)



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