When life gives you lemons, you ought to make a lip smacking lemonade.

Mr. Rahul Ranjan

BITians who always fret over lack of resources and opportunities should definitely look up to Mr. Rahul Ranjan, also a proud alumnus of ISB Hyderabad, has been accepted in the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, has led projects worth 233 Crore INR and has several other accreditations to his name- the speaker of the seminar held on 26th of this month on the topic Data Analytics and Management Study Insights.

An initiative by BIT Sindri Research and Development Cell and Training and Placement Cell, under the honorable guidance of  Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, a BIT Alumnus, currently serving as the Vice President of Asian Oil Corporation,  the seminar was an eye opener for all those who wish to do it big.

He began the seminar with his outstanding and highly informative presentation on Data Analytics, enlightening the students about the various opportunities and scopes in this emerging field, which is growing exponentially in the industries. An enticing presentation as it was, the audience was bound to have developed an interest in Data Analytics. Mentioning the intricacies of the same, he went on to tell them more about the basic idea of how Data is collected, processed and analyzed. Additionally, he gave an insight to the basic terminologies of the entire idea, in a simple yet captivating way that best suited amateurs like us. His presentation also included the prerequisites needed for mastering the area of Data Analysis like Machine Learning. An interactive discussion about the topic followed quickly with a few enthusiasts sitting in the audience.

Workshop in Progress

‘You probably have the sexiest job in the planet if you’re a Data Analyst’!

This seminar was said to be a prequel to an upcoming one on BIG DATA and HADOOP by ALOKA ANANT, another alumnus who is highly proficient in this field.

Rahul encouraged more and more students to visit the R&D website of the college, interact with the best of the bests, who’ve once been a part of the institution and hone their technical skills under the able guidance of these esteemed alumni, most of whom happen to be CEOs of different organisations across the world. He also mentioned about bitsindri.myperfectice.com- entitled to help students preparing for the different competitive examinations and placement proceedings- an initiative by Gourav Singh, yet another alumnus separated by distance, yet being eagerly concerned about the well-being of his alma-mater.

Following the presentation, he went on to discuss about the career options for the students. He gave an idea of pursuing MS abroad, and made it look less foreign to scarcely educated enthusiasts in the matter. He successfully convinced that how money isn’t a hurdle or an issue if one wants to pursue a Master’s from the US, stressing upon the fact that one should consider doing it from the US only. He informed about the various organisations that help in financing deserving candidates and are more than happy in providing loans at a minimal rate of interest. He gave a brief outline about the different Universities renowned for different courses, the procedure one needs to follow and the criteria to have an acceptance there. A quick questionnaire from the students made the idea of MS more and more familiar to the audience.

He also mentioned his experiences of B-Schools and the perks of having an MBA. He effectively answered all the queries of the interested aspirants. A detailed discussion about the preparations, top B-Schools and the afterlife followed.

In a nutshell, one and all attending the session returned with a different zeal, a better learned mind about the corporate arena and an ambitious prospect towards one’s career.

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