“Technological advancements are the new age tools which students can use to carve a niche in the conventional edifice of engineering.”

It is a truth, well-known and accepted that only self-study cannot sail you through the storming sea of career. One needs to be under the tutelage of an expert teacher to smoothly sail through the stormy seas.

Keeping this noble thought in mind, a special session was jointly organised by E Cell, Department of Production and Industrial Engineering and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, B.I.T. Sindri on 29th October, 2021. The eminent speaker of the session was Dr. Anu A. Gokhale, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and Coordinator of the Computer System Technology Program at Illinois State University, US. She is a recipient of National Outstanding Dissertation Award 1989 and takes pride in herself for this stellar achievement. The topic of the lecture was “Advanced Research Trends: Significance of System Analytics and Business Proposition”.

The commencement of the session was done by Dr. Prakash Kumar, HOD, Production Engineering. He gave the welcome speech and introduced the keynote speaker. Dr. Anu delivered her lecture and covered a wide array of topics ranging from Business Intelligence, Data Analytics to everyday lessons that students can incorporate into their lives. She spoke eloquently and using humour as a tool explained numerous concepts of Data and Algorithm. The speaker acquainted the gathering with the intricacies of Data, its types and how one can seek knowledge from it. She further said that students must fully invest in themselves and their education. Not only this, they must also use knowledge of their domain and try to implement it in other fields as well.

Dr. Anu left an indelible impression on the minds of the students present through her address as well as her personality that exudes positivity. The Question-Answer session was specially engaging for the students and the speaker as Dr. Anu bombarded the students with some mind-boggling questions.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. S.C. Dutta, HOD, Computer Science and Engineering. The session concluded with Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam bestowing Dr. Anu with a memento as a token of love from the B.I.T. Sindri fraternity. Final year students marked their presence in the event. Professors from both Production Engineering and Computer Science department were also present in the session. In totality, it was an informative, interactive and immersive experience for all. With her perspicacity, Dr. Anu Gokhale wished the young techies all the best for their future endeavours. With this, the session came to an end.

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