The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”-Thomas Edison

The lazy winter sun was shining somewhat brightly on December 11, the atmosphere in college charged with excitement and vigour. For the day was special, the budding entrepreneurs were all set to showcase their startup ideas before the eminent delegates. The event was Entrepreneur Conclave, being organised by Startup Cell of B.I.T Sindri in the administrative building of the institute. The event organized with the aim of identifying and promoting the startup ideas of our college students, so that someone of those pitching their ideas becomes the next Bansals-the poster boys of Indian startup space, was divided into two sessions- Lectures by the guests encapsulating the struggles and success of their startups and the second one being the Idea pitching session. The inauguration was done by our honourable director Dr. D.K Singh, chief guest Shri S. N Sharma along with notable alumni Amit Roy and Shri Chandrika Prashad. Apart from sharing the roller coaster ride of their life as an entrepreneur, the esteemed guests also warned about the obstacles one may face at the beggining of this journey. The solution to each problem being unique to them. Shri S .N Sharma, a pioneer in the field of startups, encouraged the audience by saying that being an average student at the college did not deter him from trying something new and great. He told that one becomes, what one thinks about the whole day. Shri Chandrika Prasad, former Railway Board member said, “we don’t have limits, so think big and make your life large”. He entreated the aspiring entrepreneurs to have faith in one’s ideas and implement it. Shri Amit Roy, who has excelled in Hotel business, advised the students to reap the benefits of Startup Cell, Center of Excellence etc. He claimed that the present generation is very lucky to have all these facilities , hence one should take maximum advantage of such initiatives.
The second session was the focus point of the conclave. The students manifested their ideas of dream startup in the form of a presentation in front of the panel. The delegates shared their wisdom from their own potpourri of experience.




The projects put forward were:
1) “The Smoke Eliminator” by Soumya Jha and Shimli Ghosh, Batch 2k18.
The project was based on waste management and its further use. The panel suggested doing the practical research for betterment of the project.
2) “Paltech” by Utkarsh, batch 2k17.
This project is meant for reaching nearby services with the help of an app. The panel advised him to improve the idea to overcome the present competition.
3) “Jharfarm” by Nikhil, Batch 2k18.
The startup is meant for helping farmers to detect the diseases in crops. The Panel suggested to connect with farmers to have practical experience.
4) “Smart Security” by Ananya Keshri, Batch 2k18.

5) “Cash Crunch” by Sumit Anand , Batch 2k15.
It aims to detect the amount of cash in nearby ATMs.
6) “Hello Doctor” by Deepak Kumar and Karan Raj Mehta,Batch 2k16
The idea is meant for getting the appointments of doctors and decrease the patient drop.
7) “Waste management and production of Methane” by Soumya Kumari, Batch 2k18.
8) “Underground 2 way cropping” by Anshu Raj and team, Batch 2k18.
9) “Multi purpose Machine” by Aman Siddharth,Batch 2k18.

All the startup ideas were appreciated by the delegates and they highlighted the scopes of improvement in their business models in order to ensure scalability.
The consequential day ended with the speech of honourable director Dr. D. K Singh.




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