People say Jack of all trades is just a myth, no one is capable of excelling in every field they try their hands at. However, there are some having a varied skillset in a range of fields. We would like our readers to meet one such person, an alumnus of our own institute. An assistant manager at SAIL Bokaro by profession, having multifarious interests- Poetry, Dramatics, Sanskrit literature on top of successfully running an NGO for the underprivileged students, Mr. Brajesh Pandey is truly a multitalented person. Here’s an excerpt of his interview.

Sir, please enlighten our readers about yourself.

I am an alumnus of BIT Sindri, 2008 batch where I pursued my BTech in Metallurgical Engineering. I am presently running an NGO named “UTTHAAN- Ek pahal”. Under this initiative, around 650 underprivileged students are getting quality education, an essential amenity, one that every individual is entitled to.

I have been interested in reading and writing since long. I have had the privilege of getting my articles, poems and dramas published in various magazines. (His articles are also published in the Sarjana magazine. A sample of his work  is  दीनता का दंश)

I am associated with the popular platform for budding poets, YourQuotes. Presently, I am serving as the General Secretary, Bokaro unit of an International Poet Association named “राष्ट्रीय कवि संगम “. I am also serving as the Assistant Manager for SAIL, Bokaro.

Tell us something about your school days and  inspirations from the surroundings during your formative years.

I completed my matriculation from SVM, Madhupur, and intermediate from Deoghar college.

I believe that I have been a Spiritual seeker ever since I developed some rational understanding. Sailing through the river called life, I have broadened both my interests and knowledge. Few avenues are left but I am sure those will be explored soon.

Another profound hobby I have been nurturing since my high school is learning Sanskrit rigorously and honestly. It has been a great experience and has  refined my thought process.

For every student, college life starts with a bundle of expectations. Tell us what were your expectations when you joined your alma mater, BIT Sindri.

Being an introvert by nature, I had but a few expectations. I chose a path of solace and focused more on what I could contribute to our beloved country while working on my self-improvement as much as possible. This has, in fact, considerably benefited me in the long run.

So, how was your experience in BIT? What were your interests and engagements in college during those four years?

Life at BIT and the extravaganza of those four years are to be cherished for the entirety of my life. I actively participated in various club activities besides focusing on my career to secure a decent job. I did a lot of volunteering for Prayaas India, which I think motivated me for Utthaan.

In addition, I participated in several debates, essay competitions and various technical events during my college days that had kept me duly engaged, productively though, unlike the common audience.

You are working as Assistant manager in SAIL and running Utthaan along with being an integral part of “राष्ट्रीय कवि संगम”. Please tell us how do you manage to be so efficient and carve out the requisite time for each?

I am proud to proclaim that I love my country more than I love myself. Sparing time is merely a byproduct, isn’t it? I have my priorities set straight. Let me tell you the benefits of having a very tight schedule. A tight schedule ensures that I don’t waste time on unnecessary engagements or habits. I believe in planning and suggest the same to everyone around, as we all have limited time and unlimited possibilities and opportunities to unravel in life.

Amidst all the endlessness, my aim has been fixed.

What do you like to do in your leisure time? 

I utilize my leisure time for self-improvement which is more of a need.

Usually, practicing for Ram Katha, singing, Bhagvat Katha, reading Vedas, Upanishad, Puran and learning Sanskrit constitute the activities I take up.

Tell us something about UTTHAAN, how it started and moreover some inspiring words for your juniors.33685511_1494113687383653_8387917064316125184_o.jpg

When you see poor people around, you develop a feeling as if they are your own kith and kin and that is when one  starts working for them. It is rather a natural process, part and parcel of human behavior.

I strongly believe that if everyone contributes a little effort and time, our country will reach its zenith soon. But the problem arises when selfishness dominates over service. Let us all contribute our part to make the world and our nation, a better place to live.

What message do you wish to give to budding Engineers of BIT Sindri?

Love your motherland, respect and protect the rich culture of our India. Learn Sanskrit, it is a beautiful language. Make it a point to do something for the betterment of the underprivileged around you.

A tinge of love from your side can make a life better. Abstain from being selfish and learn to live for others. You will enjoy the feeling. This is what I would request my juniors at BIT and Indian youth as a whole to do.



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2 thoughts on “A torch in the tunnel.

  1. Dear Mahe,

    What the letter asks is too vague. A couple of years ago, Delhi NCR asked the senior alumni in North America a similar but succinct questions. I obliged and my article also appeared in Sajana – I believe. Please find it and republish it. If you can’t find it, I can resend it.

    Cheers, Neil Pundit


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