It was an honor and privilege for the students of B.I.T Sindri to be a part of an interactive session by an alumnus, Shri Sanjay Jha, an engineering graduate from metallurgy, 1984 batch. Sanjay Jha Sir is presently serving as the Vice-President and HR of  Mahindra First Choice Wheels, an associates company of Mahindra and Mahindra. The entire session, organised by R&D cell and Training and Placement cell of BIT, Sindri, was based on the development of soft skills and personality of an individual. Mr Jha tried to capture different angles of an HR from which he considered points for marking. He also tried to elucidate his points by propagating some basic examples. He also shared one of the examples of his early career as a metallurgical engineer at Tata Steel which gave his career a new turning point. Being an HR himself, he suggested various aspects of marking, which included :

  1. How  personable one is.
  2. .How easy one seems to work with.
  3. One’s initial visual impacts.
Mr. Jha Addressing the students in the presence of the Director and other dignitaries

He also emphasized that non-verbal parameters constitute two-third of an effective communication and that only 35% constitute the verbal parameter i.e. the technical knowledge of one’s field. Non-verbal parameter commonly comprises of various domain of physical behavior like:

  1. Facial expressions.
  2. Tone of voice.
  3. Movement of body.
  4. Appearance.
  5. Eye contact.
  6. Posture and gesture.

He also advised students to be fairly accustomed to the company and its vision, motto, important members and the latest news in which the company has been spotted in recent times. After giving his precise account on personality development ,he held a live GD  round among some randomly selected students from the lot. The topic of the GD was- “Nitish Kumar recently met Sonia Gandhi and suggested the formation of  GRAND ALLIANCE for 2019 elections.” Is a GRAND ALLIANCE a Myth or a Reality? Students were given 2 minutes time to think and collect ideas of their own, thereafter, 8 minutes were allotted for the GD round which followed an intense Group Discussion. After observing the GD he mentioned the factors on which they would be marked. They were:

  • Spontaneity
  • Novelty
  • Leadership
  • Communication

He also pointed out during the GD, that the following points were worth keeping in mind:

  • One shouldn’t wait for the opportunity to come. Instead present their points with courtesy.
  • One should give a fair chance to everyone.
  • One should come up with new ideas and should be articulate.
  • One should not try to dominate the discussion.
  • And of course, an extra point to broach up the topic is always rewarded.
Q&A session

Finally, after answering several queries of the students, everyone applauded the presentation and gave a standing ovation . Prof (Dr) Ghanshyam thanked Mr. Jha for his time and also for sharing his experience. He also addressed the audience present there and said that this was only the first of the many workshops that would be organized by the Place com for the betterment of the students of B.I.T. .

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