‘It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imagination.’

With the motive of reigniting this prized spirit of a fierce competition coupled with the proper dosage of enjoyment for the freshmen in the campus, LEO Club of B.I.T Sindri organised the most awaited annual event in the premises, ‘FRESHER OF THE YEAR‘ tournament. The 2-day event, FOYC-2018 was concluded with flamboyance and flash, leaving the tired young brains, smiling at the lifetime memories they had garnered after having lived the best days of their college life.

This time, it was bigger.
This time, It was different.
This time, it was even more magnificent.

FOYC’18 saw it’s inaugural on 27th of April after the announcement of various avant-garde segments beforehand so as to give the students, ample amount of time to equip themselves for the final battle.
This year, the stage was set to witness something new for the events were moulded perfectly so as to fuel the overall development of all the budding technocrats. From Social Screen to Hackathon, every event claimed to have an overwhelmingly enthusiastic fan-base.

All the branches rolled up their sleeves and began preparing to bag the coveted titles. Along with the branch-battle, the newcomers had also brushed themselves up to procure and walk away with the tag of ‘Fresher of the Year.’

Prarambh-the inception‘ marked the beginning of an enthralling roller coaster ride for every individual who looked up to the throne.

With the selected contenders from Prarambh, the Top 100 ELITES also comprised of the popular faces as they entered the race through PFOY ( Popular Face of the Year) and the students who emerged distinct in 180 degrees from their respective branches. This list of qualifying students was disclosed on the first day itself.

The first day also witnessed segments of Hooked with Poetry, Hackathon and Social Screen to test the branch mettle on various grounds. From presenting enchanting verses of well-written poetry in the most mystical manner imaginable to standing worthy on the problem-solving field, all the branches showcased ultimate spirit of contention and strife.
HACKATHON– Each branch was allocated a problem statement and five students from each of them were expected to derive the best possible solution with algorithm designing for the same, in the most diligent manner.

HOOKED WITH POETRY– To emerge the best in the ground of creativity and presentation skill, Hooked with Poetry was another new segment introduced this year. The audience could behold spectacular performances from each branch.

The fierceness of the battlefront was found to be ever-increasing as students stepped out from C-51 to the LH complex as the delirium for SOCIAL SCREEN was about to begin. After performances of half of the branches, the action-packed strenuous day at B.I.T came to an end only to increase the entropy of exhilaration in every individual’s dream.

B.I.T woke up to a historic and fateful day for the batch of 2018. The scorching heat of the overhead sun and the noteworthy happenings at the place of action, C-51 made it a remarkable day to look forward to.

The stage was akin.
The organisers were the same.
The populace had the same enthusiasm brewing inside.

What changed this historic journey was Visuala-de-illuminati serving as the second round for the FOYC fervour. After a set of visual clues and consequent answers from our top contestants, it was time for the most soul-warming segment of the entire event.
It was time for FINAL ENSEMBLE. With it’s name giving us the most perfect idea, this segment watched the whole ‘Class of 2015’ reminisce the journey of four years, together-one final time. The final year students were also, given tags for their exceptional performance in different spheres of excellence.

Nostalgic eyes.
Spine chilling memories.
This was when they lived this precious feeling of ‘good-bye’, a heartfelt good-bye.

Once the session was concluded, FOYC’18 revealed yet another exciting segment they called, ‘GAME OF CLUES‘. And with this, BIT was ready to testify it’s wit and cryptographic skills. To multiply the splendour, theme for this treasure hunt was J.K Rowling’s world of fantasy and magic. Royal Civil emerged first with the treasure and were crowned as the champions.


The event proceeded with the next rounds of HOOKED with POETRY, and SOCIAL SCREEN. The performance by each branch was equally commendable but outshining every other branch, department of Information Technology bagged the first prize for Social Screen with the theme, ‘Depression in Youth.‘ The script and the enactment had both left every spectator in awe.

Amidst the aura of tranquilizing poetry, it was Lustrous Metal who won the trophy.

Following these segments was the announcement of ‘ELEGANTS‘. The best 20 of the entire batch were enlisted as everyone could be seen expecting, with throbbing hearts, their name from the podium next. These contenders moved to the round of ‘ HAVE IT IN YOUR OWN WAY‘ wherein they were expected to perform and portray talent in all the many arenas, including general science, extempore devoted to present any skill of their choice in their own way.

For HACAKTHON, every branch had come up with an innovative solution and algorithm to tackle and in this cut-throat competition, the charisma of Computer Science and Engineering took over the atmosphere as they bagged the first prize.

The joy of extravaganza was far from over when LEOs rolled open, the segments of QUIZ-O-HOLIC. No event at a premier technical institute can be rendered perfect without the quizzing element. This inter-branch quiz competition had space for current affairs, general knowledge and aptitude, indeed a cakewalk for the many engineers-in-making. But, the crown belongs to the unsurpassable and this time, it was conquered by Electronics and Communication Engineers.

Out of the ELEGANTS, it was five students who made it to the finale, a majestic finale because it was FOYC-2018. Each of them, indisputably the best of their clans.

Followed this a round of questionnaire by a panel of judges comprising of final year students and esteemed professors of the college, the MAGNAM OPUS. The questions shooted at the participants were diverse and demanded critical thinking as well as prompt answering skills.
After making the perfect deposition of all-round skill-set and subsantiating his worth in all the rounds, ADARSH TIRKEY from the department of Information Technology stepped on the throne as ‘FRESHER OF THE YEAR- Class of 2018’.

FOY-2 Kushagra Kumar
FOY-3 Chetna Kotak
FOY-4 Anushka Prasad
FOY-5 Abhinav Sah

As the FOYC headed towards an end this year, Proff Dr. GHANSHYAM ROY, through his powerful words prompted the students to take part in activities as a means of refreshment as well as overall development. He encouraged involvement in extra-curricular and emphasised on maintaing a skirting balance between academics and other engagements at college.

To put a period to these 2 days of extraordinary opulence, the president of Leo Club, B.I.T Sindri, LEO Parth Sarthi presented a vote of thanks to every one who made this event, a historic one in the pages of legacy claimed by the lions. It was vice-president, LEO Jona Sen who conducted the final prize distribution ceremony for all the segments.

FOYC-18 proved out to be contrasting in comparison to the previous years and did set a milestone for the many upcoming years, with the endless efforts of the organising committee, The Leos. There were no good-byes.

The dusk of 28th April, they bid us adieu with an embedded promise of coming back in another incomparable form, the next year.

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