“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

Paul “Bear” Bryant

Efforts never go in vain. The determination and persistent perseverance of the students B.I.T. Sindri yielded remarkable results at “Parakram’23,” a highly acclaimed sports festival in Eastern India, hosted by I.I.T./I.S.M. Dhanbad from March 17th to March 19th. With the directions of the Director (Dr.) D.K. Singh and Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Verma, the teams competed in various events such as volleyball, football, basketball, athletics, badminton, table tennis, chess, and powerlifting, showcasing their outstanding skills and abilities.

The volleyball team of B.I.T. Sindri left everyone in wonder with their unbeatable game and bagged the gold medal. Under the captaincy of Adarsh Raj, the volleyball team made it to the semi-finals by defeating teams from I.M.U. Kolkata, I.I.S.E. Arrah, and Kolkata in the league matches. In the semi-finals, they defeated the team of N.I.T. Jamshedpur 2-0 in straight sets to make it to the finals. After trailing in the first set of the final match, they didn’t lose their grip and came back with a bang to win the trophy. Aniket, Krishnakant, Amit, Gopinath, Tej Prakash, Ajit, Vinay, Chinmay, Shubham, Prateek, Sumanta, and other team members played well to accomplish this achievement. Robins Mehra continued the extravagance of the exemplary performances of the students of B.I.T. Sindri by winning the silver medal in the long jump with a throw of 6.19 meters.

Last but not least, the powerlifting event witnessed the best-ever performances of the students of B.I.T. Sindri, in which Suraj Singh won the gold medal in the 62-68 kg category in squat 140kg, bench 90kg, deadlift 160kg. In the 56-62 kg category, Phuleshwar Baitha won the gold medal in squat 110kg, bench 95kg, and deadlift 150kg, and in the 68-74 kg category, Naman Sharma won the gold medal in squat 120kg, bench 80kg, and deadlift 150kg.

The whole college was elated by this victory and welcomed all the participants with loud cheerings and celebrations. On this auspicious occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam, Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Verma, Dr. Upendra Prasad, and Dr. Abhishek Hembram acknowledged the hard work, congratulated all the players, and wished them a bright future. This success of BITians has given the institute a morale boost for their future sporting endeavors.

One thought on “The Parakram of BITians

  1. Our students are on the role and marching up with determination to be second to none not only in Academic but in sports and physical activities. Hearty congratulations to each and every member of entire BIT team. Your participation is message to India that BIT is on the rise in all areas.
    Big thank you to all faculty members who supported the team with a commitment become better and better.
    Thank you to every member for bringing smile on our faces

    With lots of Love and Blessings
    Ramesh Yadava 71EE

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