“Art is when a human tells another human what is to be human.”
-Adrian Elmer

The Lecture Hall arena of B.I.T. Sindri brimmed with enthusiasm from the energetic performance of Arts club members. On the occasion of National Youth Day, the Arts Club of the B.I.T. Sindri came with its stupendous event Glimpse Art’23. The mega-event became a huge success with many power-packed performances from the Arts Club members. The event comprised of choreo, vocals, and the much anticipated Nukkad-Natak.

This wonderful evening began with a melodious duet by the hosts Rohit Sinha and Mouni Oraon. They welcomed Dr. Ghanshyam Rai and Dr. Maya Rajnarayan Rai as the guests of the event. Dr. Ghanshyam highlighted the significance of the day by describing the eminent persona of Swami Vivekananda and his teachings.

The event gradually proceeded with the musical performance of the 2k20 members of the club. Vocals and Instrumental section of batch 2k20 and 2k21 sang a group song in turn pacifying the emotion of the listeners. Aneesha Liza, Sakshi, Mamta, Anuj, Akash, Megha, Shubham, and Kundan were from the batch of 2k20 vocals, with Amarjeet Rohit Sinha, Saksham Singh, Ankita Gosh, Aditi, Anupama, Hasnain, Sahil were from the batch of 2k21. They mesmerized the audience with their performance, and the audience too responded by singing the lyrics.

The evening turned on to be more delighted with the individual performances of the singers with their melodious voices on popular hits like Saraa Zamanaa, and Ek haseena thi. The event took a striking turn with the performance of the dramatic section of the Arts Club. They performed a Nukkad-Natak highlighting the issue of Honor Killing and making the audience concerned about it. It gave audiences an insight into this social evil and asked them an important question about freedom of choice.

The Choreo section turned the heat on in the cold weather with its vibrant dance performance. They didn’t let the crowd stop cheering and raised the bar of excitement with their enthralling performance. The audience got charged up seeing the performance and tried to match the steps. From the batch of 2k20 Gopinath Murmu, Bini Binisa, Sneha Singh, Aniket Kumar Gupta, Ritesh Ranjan, Ritu, and Sanjana delivered such a magnificent performance.
The event smoothly went on to its edge but the energy of the crowd was the same as at the onset of the event. To match their frequency the vocals section came with a Rap song by Rohit Sinha and Saksham Singh

The event concluded with enlightening remarks from Dr. Ghanshyam (Training and Placement Officer, Dean of Alumni Affairs, and Senior Administrative Officer), who praised the efforts of the Arts group and urged the students to emulate Swami Vivekananda and work hard to fulfill their aspirations. The event provided the final-year students with memories to savor when they leave the campus whereas, for the freshers, it acted as the first of the many memories they will create here at the campus.

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