“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life”. 
Billie Jean King

On the evening of Friday, May 6th, the breath-taking finale of the inter-branch Volleyball tournament was played at the jam-packed club ground of BIT campus. After the hotly contested games that had seen some stunning action between the different branches, the stage was set for the finals. Girls got the chance to establish their athletic supremacy first as Computer Science Engineering and Civil Engineering faced off. While both teams showed great resilience, the game was fairly one-sided and ended in a victory for the Civil branch which was led by Komlika. Both teams received a huge round of applause from the audience for their all-out effort. After this impressive first match, it was time for men to step inside the court and show their mettle.

Finally, with the silverware in their sights, the ECE and Civil branch players huddled on either side of the net to strategize, contemplate every move, to ponder upon what the other one was planning. ECE entered the game in great form winning all their games convincingly while Civil had to win a hard-fought battle against Mechanical to qualify for the finale. Even though the game started on a competitive note, ECE was largely untroubled and unflinching in the face of the competition. The team raised their game to significant levels to win the match, with the captain, Vishal Rajak leading from the front and eventually, leading his team to an outstanding victory of 3-0.

After the thrills and spills of two entertaining encounters, it was time for the prize distribution ceremony in the presence of the honorable director Dr. D.K. Singh, Dr. Upendra Prasad, Dr. Ranvijay, and Professor R.K. Verma. The Director applauded the efforts of the members of the Sports Club and the Chairman Sameer Kumar for the successful organization of this enthralling Volleyball tournament. With this, the spectacle of sports that united people, that allowed every BITian to forget everything and gave them something to enjoy, albeit for a few hours, reached its conclusion.

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