“The 19th Century was a great period of Engineering, thanks to the railways, thanks to a lot of discoveries in Metallurgy.”

Dhatvika is the Annual Metallurgical Fest organized by the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, BIT Sindri. This year, it was a two-day event that commenced on 14th of April, 2022. The theme of Dhatvika this year was Materials for Green Tomorrow

The year 2022 observed the event online. Dhatvika had 8 different segments:



DAY 1 (14th April 2022) – This insightful day was inaugurated with the address of our erudite chief guests. The first guest was Mr. Deepak Majumdar (Prof. at Department of MSE at IIT Kharagpur) who enlightened the students with his inspiring words on Iron and Steel Making & Importance of Health in life. He was followed by Mr. Praveen C Ramamurthy (Associate Prof. at IISc Bangalore) who addressed the crowd with his immense knowledge on Organic Photovoltaics & Introduction to Sensors. Chief Guest, Mr. Kaushik Chatterjee (Associate Prof. in the Dept. of Material Engineering at IISc Bangalore) inscribed the students on Introduction to 3D Printing for Healthcare. To show gratitude, all the chief guests were presented with a Token of Love and a Souvenir. Some Guest lecturers were also present at the grand Metallurgical Fest. They were: Dr. B.N. Roy (HOD of Metallurgical Engineering, BIT Sindri), Dr. D. K. Singh (Director of BIT Sindri), Dr. A. K. Rajak (former HOD of Metallurgical Engineering, BIT Sindri), Dr. Ghanshyam (Training and Placement Officer cum Senior Administrative Officer), Prof. C. D. Singh, Prof. C. B. Singh and Prof. R. K. Verma. Lastly, the first segment came to an end with a vote of thanks by Mr. Sumit Kr. Sharma.

After the first half, the second half of the day went ahead with an overload of numerous mind-blowing events. They were: AARAMBH, AVSAR, MISHRAN, STHANANN. 

Aarambh: Aarambh was the ‘Technical Paper Presentation Event’. This event was exclusively for the 1st year students. The topics for this year were Materials for Low Carbon Features OR Biodegradable Advanced Polymers.

AVSAR: Avsar was the ‘Presentation related to Metallurgy and Material Science’. Participation from any year was allowed. Some of the common topics chosen by students were: Recycle Steel, Biomass Production, Geopolymer Materials

MISHRAN: This was an Online Quiz Competition. After clearing two interesting Rounds, the students were seen competing fiercely in the final round.

STHANANN: Sthanann was the Mock Placement Drive which gave the participants full exposure of the placements. After clearing the first round of the General Aptitude Test, the students appeared in the next round of General Discussion.


DAY 2 (15th April 2022) – The Second Day of Dhatvika kicked off with the same enthusiasm and zeal. The first eminent personality, our Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh (Chief General Manager at SMS Group), an alumnus of BIT Sindri. He majorly focused on Mental Health and Teamwork. Mr. Aseem Anshul, who is also an alumnus of BIT Sindri shared his valuable opinion regarding the Importance of Research in Metallurgy. Other notable guest lecturers included Ms.Kirti Madhavi (Co Co-ordinator of Dhatvika), Mr. Ravi Shankar (Alumnus of BIT Sindri), Mr. Sumit Kumar Sharma (Co-ordinator of Dhatvika) & Dr. Ghanshyam (Training and Placement Officer and Senior Administrative Officer). On this day, the Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms. Kirti Madhavi, Mr. Sumit Kumar Sharma, and Mr. Abhinav Kumar Singh (Convenor of Dhatvika). 

In the Second half, there were more exhilarating events PARIVARTAN, STHANANN (Part-3)

PARIVARTAN: This was an Industrial Problem-Solving Event. Problem statements were taken from famous industries and the young minds came up with innovative ideas to solve them.


With the completion of the thrilling and enlightening events of the two-day long fest, Dhatvika ’22 came to end, with the hope that this fest leaves the students of BIT Sindri with more interest and knowledge in Metallurgical Engineering and more memories to jot down in the pages of the BIT Sindri Diary.

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