While we were dreaming for a glorious future,
A beautiful past was moving away.
This is the beauty of life,
One comes and the other goes away.
The past is beautiful and so nice,
BIT gave us a moment to rise.
From hungry eyes to pressure of peers,
We have seen it all in these four years.
Every friend like a brother,
Yearning for the food of mother.
Exams pressing down a bit,
BIT taught us to never quit.


Second-year was the time for a duet,
The boy and the girl met.
The time to hold her hand,
It turns out is the final stand.
Perilous is the third year,
It’s time to say “Goodbye Dear!”.
Everyone is serious and busy,
Study and no moment to be cosy.

TAP elections ooh what time!
Politics is in the prime.
Its time for GATE and CAT preps,
Mereko bhi chahiye placements.
Time evolved our bond,
We don’t anymore see the BIT pond.
The year goes by and it’s done,
It was a lot of fun.
I don’t think we will be saved by the bell,
It’s time for farewell.

Everything I feel seems like an illusion,
Is it the end of the season?
But the truth is “ONCE A BITIAN….ALWAYS A BITIAN..

Aditya Kumar

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