“Great leaders always have self-discipline without exception.”

– John C. Maxwell

Self-control and discipline undeniably hold the utmost gravity in the journey of attaining viability, the lack of which can lead to a life without direction. The scholars of B.I.T. Sindri participated in a golden talk session on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020. The event was organized under the aegis of the Training and Placement Cell of the institute. The discourse, held in Dr. K.P. Roy memorial hall, was dynamically hosted by Dr. Ghanshyam Rai. Dr. S.B. Singh who served as a Chief Engineer of Quality Control in the Indian Army graced the occasion with his presence.

The event was initiated by Dr. Ghanshyam Rai’s illuminating speech which elucidated the importance of self-discipline in one’s life. This was followed by the chief guest, Dr. S.B. Singh’s address to the audience.

Dr. Singh began with an exquisite delineation of life skills. He quoted,Altitude is the product of aptitude and attitude“. He shared anecdotes from his career highlighting various aspects in the life of an army-man and focused on the fact that holistic development and passion among the youth can make them pull off their hardest goals. And why not, who else can better know about self-discipline and management who himself has been an army veteran? His beautiful words surely deserve to be emulated by each and everyone in the quest for success. The explanation of the crucial difference between management and leadership was one of the most important parts of his speech. He explained that a good leader is one who takes all the responsibility of failure but awards credits to all his subordinates in times of success. Mr. Singh cited the example of legendary Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Dr. Singh also threw light on the theme “Opportunities for engineering students in defense services”. He briefed the audience about the various departments in the army services and listed the scope for Electronics & Mechanical Engineers complemented by the knowledge of Signals and Telecommunications in the Indian Army. He also offered to provide free coaching to the interested engineers from the institute which will help them in the direction of taking the exam to enroll in the army sector. He added that by going for defense services, an engineer can fulfill his aspirations of serving the country along with showcasing one’s technical skills. They can lead a respectable life ahead. Dr. Singh also elucidated about the shortcomings and problems faced by the Indian Army.

After this, the esteemed guest panel answered the queries of students.
Mr. Vinit Mishra, head of P.T.C. consultancy and Mr. Vipul Vidyakar, head of the S.N.S. group also graced the event with their presence. Mr. Vinit shared his knowledge in fields like Data Science and Big Data. Moreover, he enlightened the students on the difficulties faced in entrepreneurship. He also explained about the subtle yet embarking difference between a business and a startup. He added that a startup is a niche where a unique idea is worked upon from the grass-root level and aims at providing special job opportunities to the youth whereas a business is something which involves linking oneself with the mainstream. He stressed his points by citing the examples of established corporate tycoons like Kumar Mangalam Birla.

In conclusion, the Honorable Director of the Institute, Dr. D.K. Singh forwarded his thanks to the dignitaries. He also congratulated Dr. Ghanshyam along with the members of the TAP Cell for the successful organization and management of the effectual talk session.

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