“Small minds discuss people,
Average minds discuss events,
Great minds discuss ideas”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

With the theme of “5G and beyond for Rural Upliftment ”, BIT Sindri became venue for the first International Symposium on 9th February 2020, second day of the 2-day conference, an event organised under the aegis of TEQIP- III, in twinning activity between BIT Sindri and IIT ISM Dhanbad, the IEEE 5G Summit and 35th GISFI Standardization Series Meeting ( GSSM ) in collaboration with CTIF Global Capsule.
A-26 witnessed the footfall of over more than 100 dignitaries which included Domain experts, Renowned Speakers, Scientists, Professionals, Research Scholars, Professors and Students from across India and abroad.

The summit became the platform for the networked people to explore and exchange ideas about embedding 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Smart platforms and Internet of Things for the smarter use of network generated data, automated enabling of network operators and service providers to adapt to the changes in traffic patterns, security risks, and user behaviour, paving the way towards safe and reliable next-generation wireless ecosystems, the fruits of which can be reaped in remote hamlets too.
The gathering reflected on various critical issues in advancing the technological era for India discussing various key factors to take into account before making any investment decision.
The esteemed panel of guests for the summit included:
Mr. Nigel Jefferies (Chairman, Wireless World Research Forum, UK)
Mr. Ramjee Prasad (Chair GISFI and CTIF Global Capsule)
Mr. Rajiv Shekhar (Director, IIT ISM Dhanbad)
Mr. Kishor Kumar Thakur (Chairman IETE, Ranchi)
Mr. Shailesh Singh ( Principal Secretary- higher education, Govt. of Jharkhand)

Amidst the trials of 5G in India, the distinguished Speakers spoke on various innovative ideas regarding 5G. Professor Seshadri Mohan, University of Arkansas, USA, proposed the idea for the evolution of connected vehicles. Next in order was Mr. Subhas Mandal, Chief Architect of 5G at Wipro limited who stressed on 5G for non-public network and intelligent traffic management. He was followed by Mr. Sayon Karmakar, Vishwaniketan, Navi Mumbai who suggested an IOT based system for detection of drowsiness of drivers. After the coffee break, Retd. Mr. Ashok Chandra, Department of Technology took everyone’s notice to spectrum-related issues with connected vehicles. Professor Bhavani Shankar, Research Scientist, University of Luxembourg, stated his points on enhancing ADAS using 5G. At the end of the invited special session, Prof. Naveen Kumar, Amrita School of Engineering presented his views on 5G new Radio.

To make this event more fruitful, Technical session was organised in which delegates discussed their ongoing research work at A- 26, K P Singh Discussion Hall and Director’s Conference Hall, which was presided by session-chair and co-chair comprising Professors from IIT Patna, IIT ISM Dhanbad, IIIT Delhi, KK University and BIT Sindri which included Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. Amar Prakash Sinha, and Dr. Santosh Kumar Verma. Scholars from different colleges across India and abroad actively participated in the session.

Some of the notable presentations from BIT Sindri included:

The session came to an end with an open panel discussion in which audience had an interaction with the panel of officials comprising Prof. D K Singh, Director, BIT Sindri, Prof. Gopal Pathak, VC, JUT Ranchi, Prof. Rajiv Shekhar, Director IIT ISM Dhanbad and Prof. Ramjee Prasad, President, CTIF Global Capsule.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between CGC Denmark and JUT Ranchi.
Every beginning has an end
The Symposium concluded with the summary of the day briefed by Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad and the vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Arvind Kumar.

Hosts of the symposium were:

  • Anisha Bhavya and Shubham Raj
  • Reema Bharti and Abhishek Ranjan
  • Anushka Prasad and Priyanshu Mishra
  • Hospitality in charge included:
  • Johnson Oraon
  • Govind Yadav
  • Kunal Kumar
  • Kumar Anupam
  • Abhishek Ranjan


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