“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”   -Dr. Albert Szent

As we progress into a new decade, the reach of cutting edge technologies into our daily lives has reached an unprecedented level. Your car can now drive you to your office while you catch up with exactly the news you would love to read on your smartphone. Your home will cool itself before you come back and your humanoid maid with a perfect cup of tea standing at the door. The human race has already stepped into such a future and the possibilities are bound only by the sky.

So, what brought humans this far? Innovation! The human race has always striven for innovation and it is the sole reason why we are the superior ones on this planet. Following the path of innovation, BIT Sindri conducted the internal hackathon for SIH(Smart India Hackathon) on 19th January 2020, an Indian government initiative to boost innovation and startup culture in young Indian students. Every year, SIH calls for teams from colleges all over the country who work day and night (literally) to build solutions, or as they call it – hacks, for organizations ranging from ministries of government such as Ministry of women and child development, government organizations such as ISRO, DRDO and private industry mammoths such as Amazon and Yamaha. The students, along with their mentors, propose a working solution to their problems and collaborate to build a finished product. SIH 2020 is the fourth iteration of an initiative by the Indian government to push the Digital India idea ahead and to bring industries and students closer, thereby forming a conducive environment for innovation.

14 teams participated in the internal hackathon with their proposed solutions, out of which a total of 7 teams were selected for further rounds of SIH-2020. The details of the selected teams along with their problem statements is as follows – 

A committee of professors was constituted for the assessment of the teams participating in the internal hackathon as follows –

  1. Dr. Ramjee Prasad Gupta – Dept. of EE, Chairman
  2. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Prabhakar – Dept. of IT, Member Secretary
  3. Mr. P.K. Dubey – Dept. of IT, Mecon Ranchi, External Member
  4. Dr. Poulami Dalapati – Dept. of CSE, Member
  5. Dr. Pooja Sharma – Dept. of IT, Member
  6. Mr. Anantha Raj P – Dept. of IT, Member
  7. Mr. Shesh Narayan Sahu – Dept. of IT, Member

The event was a successful one with the participants using every bit of creativity they could to solve the problem statements. Such events provide an opportunity for the students to solve real-world problems.

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