ऐ नारी, तुझे क्या मैं कहूँ,
तेरी हर बात निराली है,
तू तो उपवन का पौधा है,
जिस घर रहे वहाँ हरियाली ही हरियाली है,
तेरी शान में सिर्फ सजदा करते हैं,
तेरी उंचाईयों के आगे आसमान भी छोटा है,
मेरा सिर्फ इतना सा एक पैगाम है,
ऐ नारी, तुझे मेरा सर झुका कर सलाम है।


The advent of the International Women’s Day can be traced back to 1977, when the United States officially declared March 8th as the International Women’s Day.
In order to celebrate the endless achievements of women over the decades, BIT commemorated International Women’s Day on 8th March in the form of a gathering of the faculty members, student coordinators and some inspirational personalities with the objective of recognizing and appreciating the role of women in every sphere of our lives. The celebration also aimed at bridging the gap between the student crowd and the administration of the institute with several sessions dedicated to adressal of issues pertaining to every dimension of students’ interest including infrastructural development and social causes.
‘Women are the real architects of the society.’ With this message to all the ladies in the campus, the ceremony greeted its beginning as Shruti Shubhangee, student coordinator welcomed everyone from BIT family to an evening dedicated to the designers of our society, WOMEN. The chief guest for the ceremony was Mrs. Shraddha Prasad, Senior manager,Bharat Coking Coal Limited(BCCL) and a graduate from IIT-ISM Dhanbad; and Mrs. Durga Mahato, HOD, Electronics and Communication department, GGSES was cordially invited as the guest of honour.
Our director, Dr. D.K Singh along with the guests and HODs of the different departments inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp which was followed by felicitation of all the guests by our learned patron. The first person on the podium was Dr. Poulami Dalapati, department of Computer Science. She gave a commentary on the origin and significance a woman holds in the burgeoning of mankind, in professional as well as social arenas. She thanked all the women in her life for their indispensable contribution in her growth and evolution as a human and a non-amateur.
Shweta Ma’am, our alumnus from 1994 batch , currently serving as the sub registrar, Dhanbad and also, the former secretary of BITSAA, BIT Sindri Alumni Association, greeted everyone at her alma mater through a beautiful message dedicated to the existence of females blossoming zillions of lives each day, while expressing her disappointment at the inability to witness this gathering. The video featuring her presented to the students, moments to lend a patient ear as she spoke her heart out on the persistence of gender inequality in the campus and ways to overcome the miniature evidences of gender related differences around us. The message was unequivocally soothing and meaningful at the same time.
The ceremony proceeded as the guests enunciated their views on the topics of women empowerment, gender equality and other domains that needed to be put into words for the masses. They voiced their personal experiences and emphasized on the need of redresal of inequality and also, highlighted the importance of discipline as a path to lead a better life.


‘माता है वो, रक्षक है वो,
हर बुराई की भक्षक है वो।‘
With these lines, the Guest of honour , Mrs. Durga Mahato made everyone lend their ears to her words of wisdom portraying women as the creator. She urged everyone present to break free from the shackles of inequality that has been a barrier in the progress since ages and emerge as better decision makers, better leaders and more responsible individuals.
After the engaging round of awe-inspiring speeches by our dignitaries, the event rolled open into a very interesting segment called, ‘Who is she?’ wherein the audience were asked to guess the names of female personalities who have set milestones for the world to follow their footprints in the imperishable sand dunes of history. They were given visual hints which included significantly outstanding aspects from the lives of these notable females. This round proved to be entertaining as well as enlightening for the entire crowd of spectators at the venue.
With everyone’s gaze concentrated on the podium as the evening was turning out to be more and more eventful, we set out to behold another thought-provoking section under the title of, Personality test. It was conducted with the assistance of several visual options and different questions that guided everyone into a pool of thoughts as they were given a personality which came out to be a perfect match for their demeanor.
The participation from professors, students as well as female staff members was commendable in every segment that unfolded. Next to catch the attention was ‘Unveil your skill’, an invitation to each one amongst the guests as well as assemblage to present their X-factor in front of everyone. The plethora and magnitude of talent our college boasts of was detectable at the evening of celebration and each one over there proved to possess a very enthusiastic and creative personna amidst them.

After all these engrossing rounds, the gathering advanced to the most awaited part of ‘मन की बात’ with our director, Dr. D.K Singh. This section aimed to minimise the gap persisting between the administration + and the students who had several questions popping in their excited heads. The queries from the students were put forward via chits which were read out before the resolution of each query by our director sir. In this manner, the students came to know about the various steps taken by the college fraternity for the advancement of facilities. A few of the questions posed were:-
Question– Sir, why don’t we have labs at par with other institutes in terms of infrastructure?
Answer– We are trying our best to excel in every field and infrastructure is a major concern for us. We have been working on improving the instruments available and also, providing adequate training to the lab assistants so as to facilitate learning with a more experimental approach. The work has been undertaken and is proceeding at a considerable speed. We have successfully brought to our college, Seimens laboratory ( Centre of Excellence) to impart training to our students from all the departments. Likewise, foundation stones of other new labs have been laid and improvement procedure for the instruments as well as the various other facilities has begun and will be completed soon.
Question– Sir, why do we have this issue of restricted timings in our own campus?
Answer– We believe that safety comes before freedom. We, without a shred of dubiety stand by your motion of freedom and respect your right to stay in the campus anytime you please but safety is grave concern. For the same, CCTVs are to be installed at every corner in the entire premises and the framework has already been laid. We are aspiring to achieve this in near future and this would eventually, remove all the barriers of restricted entry time for you all.
Question– Sir, why don’t the pre-final and final year students here get the opportunity of an industrial visit?
Answer– Industrial tours are indeed very helpful and fruitful approach for students availing a technical graduation programme. Industrial tours are planned by the respective departments and proposed to the administration by the Head-of-Departments. If you all want an industrial visit to assist your studies and understanding, you should draft a proper application to your HOD and request for the same. We will do the arrangements and provide every possible assistance.
Question– Sir, we as the freshmen in the campus, await our Fresher of the Year ceremony and this session, we aren’t finding any traces of the mega cultural event and this is disappointing for everyone.
Answer– Students, you are all a very integral part of our institution and we do care about your aspirations even as the freshmen. But, you all must be agreeing to the fact that you are budding technocrats of the nation. Our primary focus was and remains getting you more technically equipped. It is a matter of pride that a technical fest spanning for three days is about to be organised in the forthcoming days with the three technical clubs of the college collaborating for the first time. These events will assist you in evolving into more technically-sound students in this tech-savvy world, isn’t it? We intend to eliminate the parts like ramp-walk and other such contests this year onwards and concentrate our attention on producing the best brains of this nation. You should all be intrigued to ensure maximum participation in this technical extravaganza and delve into it, both for adding new chapters to your learning journey as well as for recreation apart from your rigorous academics.
The students, upon getting their thirst of information quenched by the director, were satisfied as for once after a long while, they had cherished a narrower gap between the administration and themselves. This session spanned for about more than an hour and was followed by the Director’s address to the audience, carrying forward the sequence of speeches which celebrated the glory of a woman.
This remarkable evening in the glorious pages of B.I.T Sindri, gradually merged into it’s dawn as Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s words echoed in the auditorium,
‘अगर सूर्य की तरह चमकने की इच्छा रखते हो, तो पहले सूर्य की तरह जलना सीखो।‘
A message to every female around, “your worth surpasses every other thing in this world”. Make sure you conquer the setbacks and emerge as warriors, twice more courageously. Inside each and every one of you is a woman with tremendous power, incomparable strength and world changing capability and your sole responsibility is to find that woman and to set her free.

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