Apocalypse will eradicate humanity in 2012“– they said. Then we, the survivors are entering the 7th year post apparent annihilation. The year 2018 is about to culminate and a New Year imbued with hopes, resolutions and checklists is approaching us. 2018 made us witness some hilarious crossovers, epic memes, bizarre social media trends, historic Supreme Court judgments, the dazzling FIFA World Cup, the Sacred Games of Mirzapur(Yes, we do know you loved it) and unveiling, of the Statue of Unity. Though the year left us some uncanny mysteries such as “Where exactly is Tony Stark?” or “Why does only Trivedi survive?” and bequeathed their unraveling to 2019.

What does 2019 have in store for us, besides the End Game? Well, the General Elections are something to look forward to. The Cricket World Cup for the high spirited cricket freaks, a few renewed anime series for the otakus and, Brace Yourselves! Because Winter is Here – the finale of Game of Thrones. “Valar Morghulis!”
Oh, and for BITians of course you can look forward to a literary, artistic, glamorous Adventure that you will experience with the new edition of Sarjana coming this year, and a lot more events to indulge into.
The to-do list for 2019 is going to be miles long!1e439edc-a852-4f04-89fe-de20f64b9a62

“Tomorrow is the first page of a 365 book.
Write a good one.”
– Braid Paisley

Well let’s take oath to never turn back the read pages of this book, turn the new pages with hope and try to make it as beautiful as we can.

We would like to wish you all an ecstatic and pompous new year and hope all your dreams and aims morph into reality within this revolution period of the Earth.


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