If Thanos gets his hands on all the infinity stones, he can erase half the universe with the snap of his fingers. The trailers had instilled this fact in our minds and the biggest, baddest villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe delivers on that. After being teased across the movies of the Cinematic Universe since The Avengers, we finally get to see the mad Titan in the action in Infinity war. Avengers :Infinity war is one of the most awaited movies of the year and it truly lives up to its billing . It’s a kind of movie in which all will be on the edge of the seat whole time. The movie, touted as the culmination of the journey of 10 years and 18 movies, delivers on the front with the trail of death following Thanos.

Alert : Spoilers ahead.

The movie starts with the Asgardian refugee ship being razed by the Black Order(christened Children of Thanos in film). We see Thanos for the first time in action , taming the HULK who escapes death by the help of Heimdall. The villain is seen gloating over his capture of Thor  and particularly on becoming the first person to own two infinity stones, the first stone having been captured from Xandar. This gives him immense powers already, but Thanos wants the remaining four stones too, and goes forth searching himself or sends out his henchmen in tracking the two known ones on Earth. And thus begins the Smash-and-Grab quest for the possession of Infinity Stones. The director duo-Russo brothers have cleverly used the setting of Hulk explaining Ironman to enlighten those still untouched by the craze for infinity stones . Here we get to know about the origin about stones: Six singularities existed before the creation of the universe. The Bing bang transformed those entities into six infinity stones- SPACE,POWER,MIND,REALITY ,SOUL and TIME stones. In order to nail the point home in minds of viewers that our antagonist wants the infinity stones for bringing order in half the universe by destruction of the other half, the setting of Asgardian ship is beautifully used.

With the attack of Thanos being heralded by Hulk and meet-up between Guardians and Thor, the heroes split into 3 teams with contrasting goals- Thor, Groot and Rocket going for forging of Thor’s new weapon Stormbreaker; Ironman and team attacking Thanos on his home turf and the rest guarding the remaining stone on Earth-Mind Stone.

The one thing puzzling the viewers since the inception of the stones – Location of Soul Stone – is also dealt with craftily by using Thanos’ daughter and a Guardian , Gamora as the key, for she is the only one in knowledge of the location. The fact that our villain kills his own daughter in exchange of Soul Stone adds to the steely resolve of Thanos and reminds us why he’s touted as the worst thing to happen to you. This incident also explains why Thanos demands our silence.


With the quest for the infinity stones on , we see a lot of deaths in the movie. One thing every Marvel fan knows for sure  that there are two kinds of deaths in Infinity War -people who are killed directly & those who meet their fate after the mad Titan is able to fulfill his desires. But no one could have braced himself for the sheer number of superheros dying in climax. Only the original members of The Avengers managed to survive the Mad Titan’s onslaught alongwith Rocket from Guardians. Those for whom wreaths will be laid include Spiderman, Dr Strange, War Machine, Scarlett Witch and the fan favorite “Groot”. Others suffering same fate ,albeit during battle are Loki, Collector and Vision.

The post-credit scene shows cascading effects of Thanos collecting all stones with Director Fury and Agent Hill also dying, but not without showing the upcoming character- Captain Marvel.

Some questions are left lingering like , Will the spider man come back because his Movie Spider Man:Homecoming 2 is coming in month of July ? How Red Skull was there in Soul Planet? For more questions in your head, please sound off in comments section.


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