Winding up the experiences
Of a part of my day,
Convincing myself to believe.
Once, I was a part of.
Dilemma evolves
Which one to choose!!
Whether to enjoy present moments
To write some moments.

Looked into a diary..
Staying in the present
I enjoyed the past,
Remembered the journey
Full of undulations!!
When it’s a
Time for conclusion,
Surveyors compare
their undulating ground
One with a Life.

Thus, staying in the present
Wrote some moments.
With a coloured ink
On a new page
Of an old book.
The New pages were
Finding their place
Telling it?
An incomplete verse.

Why worry!
Wait for a moment.
Everything becomes blank!
My mind gets blank!
Heart stops to beat,
Let’s for a second, Yeah!
Say with a loud voice
I had a good journey!
Still have time to
live some moments!
To collect some memories!

It’s to cheer each minute
It’s to enjoy, to learn,
To understand
To take lessons.
Let us all
Celebrate each moment!

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