1st March. Late night. I was using my Android phone – the most customary way for youth to fleet their time and I am certainly, no exception. 12 AM. And gradually my Whatsapp inbox starts flooding with Holi wishes. I switched to Facebook and a computer-generated message was patiently waiting to greet me with “Happy Holi XYZ.” So cool, right ? But wait, one question. How many of us even celebrate Holi the way it once used to be, when 15 days prior to the festival folk songs used to fill the atmosphere with the aroma of colours ?And no, no DJ. People involved themselves to celebrate the festival, not the machines. Split the word Android. Andros (which in Albanian means ‘person’) + void. Justified.
Now let’s get back to home, BIT Sindri and broaden the vision through our forsaken specs of wisdom. We have some serious points to ponder over. We blab so very much of technology and modernisation, isn’t it ? But why do we pay such unnecessary heed to the attire of a girl ? Century has changed, sentiment hasn’t. Quoting one of my friends, “The world is rhetorically saying that girls can wear what they want but if I walk out dressed in three quarters, it begins posing problems to others”.
The college has been trying continuously to upgrade itself – Siemens Labs, frequent seminars, guest lectures, MyPerfectice, and what is the response ? Professors and hostel superintendents are deprived of their peaceful slumber for gross, notorious activities among seniors and juniors. So who should be blamed ? And the fact is – “It takes two to tango”.
No matter how much we cry foul over the dilapidated infrastructure of our college, there is one thing we need to admit. We aren’t worthy for better. It’s not even been two years since the new hostels have been built and the once eye-candy walls have now been stained with colors. And those are certainly not the colors of Holi.

In the unique flair of Rajnath Singh, “हम इसकी कड़ी निंदा करते हैं।” 🙂

images (3)
Another thing that I have been observing of late and it’s surely not something too inconspicuous. The fact that “Expressions of a BITian page – rather an effective platform to express your view while still remaining innominate, has mostly been used for mischievous, immature and disgraceful confessions, fills me with slight consternation.
And the last nail in the coffin – I want to ask one question from the college administration. Why are we bereaved of organizing cultural and technical fests on a grand scale ? Sir, it is very much understandable that you want us to compete with those who are in IITs, but the four years here are not just academics. It’s indeed a phase where we grow, learn, churn and develop our abilities. Students here have to visit IIT KGP, IIT Dhanbad to witness the mega fests and they return with exuberance as well as sorrow. Sorrow of why don’t we, if we can ?

Though the scenario that has been presented by encapsulating the above facts doesn’t describe complete outlook of BIT, these are some things that we need to get rid off. And to all the elements that have been subjected to little acerbic words, “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”. 😛:);)️️

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