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GOD – The ultimate authority, the almighty, creator of this universe whose actions ensued the existence of life on earth and – only God knows – even beyond earth. He is the supreme who knows the past, present and the future, and the one who handcrafted the trio. Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent – That is the present image of God.

Let’s have a flashback now. If every event which occurs is the will of God then it is an easy deduction that every fortunate event as well as every sinister one in the history of mankind is his doing. All the agony in this world, not just of human beings, but of plants and animals too – originating from the promoted scientific advancements obviously of men instigated by their need, and all the tragic incidents that have thereby incurred related to mindless scientific progress. The fanatics who have killed innocents in the name of religion, people who have starved to death, the deceased who fell prey to the merciless wrath of extremists, resisting change for the good completely forgetting that change is the only constant here, or the ecological imbalance in the environment due to human intervention, the incessant wailing of a child whose mother passed away or the unfelt anguish of the undisputed champion – the lion, caged.

The victims of psychological depression, or the philosophical crisis they are suffering from, it all started with an Apple. Just an Apple, as if God wanted this to happen. Of course, because he is the one who created the universe and planned everything. If not, then why did he place the tree amidst Eden and not beyond its walls? He may be accused of administrative negligence, who failed to make nominal security arrangements. But he let this happen because he wanted to, else placing that tree outside the walls of heaven wouldn’t have been a big issue.
He knew that Adam and Eve would soon be bored of the perfection of Eden. He then set a trap, perhaps because the almighty God was also bored of everything going on so smoothly. He then using his divine powers, manufactured stars, planets and one of them, as of we know until now, has environmental conditions favourable to sustain life. Then Adam, being whimsical devoured that one Apple God had warned him not to and from that erupted all the earthly creatures and their troubles. Now, it was time for humans to evolve, to strive and thrive for existence.

We did more than just thrive.

We created civilizations, arts, cultures, languages. We found scientific rules governing our surroundings and applied it in daily life. But in due course of time, we made a mistake. In the endeavour of creation, innovation and improvisation, humans started to grow radical. They became their own foes. The toil they performed proved fatal directly or inadvertently. Anarchy was all around, and here we are today.

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Now if this world really is a stage, as Shakespeare said and God is the audience, we being the actors trying to entertain God, I’d say we really let him down. I’m sure in his mind he must be deciding the fate of our civilization. Should he wait for his creation to get back to the right path or should he hit the reset button and start it all over?
It would be in our best interest to stop this director-cum-spectator from getting bored or rather disgusted. Turmoil, terrorism, war. It doesn’t take a God to see that our act is a mess, so we better start putting some effort into performing our roles. All we need to do is to start performing our roles responsibly. If each of us inculcates a bit of humanity and ingenuity in our lives and rise up to our responsibilities we just might make it.

So next time you take a stroll out in the market and see a child begging and clutching you, don’t despise him. When you see that hate message on social media instead of sharing it, report it. Let’s show God we still have it in us to entertain him without destroying ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Aggrieved – God or Human ?

  1. We Humans might not know god exists or not.Some believe God exists,some don’t believe in God and then some try to seek his presence.
    Ultimately just one truth prevails
    न त्वहं कामये राज्ये न स्वर्गम् न पुनर्भवम्!
    कामये दुखतप्तानां प्राणिनाम् आर्तिनाशनम्!!
    God made us humans and that is enough for us.After this we facilitate his presence.As Humans we must not expect anything,neither heaven nor immortality.Neither Kingdom nor rebirth.We should only strive for the well being of all beings and make our best efforts so that the affliction of all beings tormented by the miseries of life may cease.

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  2. One very beautiful thing told in this article that God is the audience. Every person who does sin thinks that no one is seeing them.They should have the realisation ,fear that they are being watched by The superpower, The Creator Of Universe -God.They will be punished for that sin by the principle of karma.
    For environment ,We humans should keep in mind that whatever we give to the environment ,the environment will give us twice of the same type.If we give pollution,we will get floods ,landslides and uncertainty in rain .Environment follows simple give and take rule,so we humans have to become responsible if we want to sustain it and save ourselves too.
    For riots on the issue of religion – all the religions are a way to reach one divine truth “God” who is worshipped in different religion by different names.And by riots we only tend to upset that divine power whom we want to please .

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