​Catch the next wave .

The million dollar question is – Are we geared up to adopt the next wave of technology ?

The Training and Placement cell of BIT Sindri, that has so far coined numerous cognitive initiatives with an aim to promote healthy interaction between various engineering departments and industries organized a 3 day long workshop from Indovision services under Ericsson Campus partner program from 11 th to 13 th January .
 Ably organised by the TAP Cell under the aegis of the honorable director Dr. D.K. Singh and Prof. In-Charge of TAP Cell – Dr. Ghanshyam Rai , the program was conducted by Mr.  Subramanyeshwar Manthan, professional Telecom trainer.
Students of CSE , IT and ECE of third year had undergone a pre exam on 8th of January through which 15 students from each of the branch were qualified to attend the workshop.
The workshop titled “Ericsson Career connect Program” embarked on telecom market and trends , GSM  , WCDMA , LTE basics  and future emerging technology.
Mr.  Subramanyeshwar Manthan  on the first day shared his work experience in the Ericsson whose role is building a vision for the Networked Society that will connect the entire world.

He shed light on the telecom that strives to be a platform for boundless achievemens for the youth .
Then addressing students on how they could pursue a career in the Telecom sector he zeroed on the myriad of opportunities available.
He guided students what this new generation could do to better navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. He also stressed on

  • Soft skill development .
  • Command over at least one foreign language as the MNC employees need to deal with international clients. .
  • Scope in R&D
  • The roll out of 4 G revolutionizing the entire ecosystem and givng unprecedented pace to digital economy, though 5G is going to play a critical role.
  • How Ericsson encourages and supports new ideas through these programs.
  • Deploying latest technologies over the existing ones at every level – technology, business, society, politics and globalisation. 
  • Future technology ; Cloud computing , information technology paradigm.
  • Simply no business in the world which is untouched by the IOT wave of connectivity

Concluding test then followed on the third day.

The whole session was an interactive one wherein queries from students were smoothly answered by Mr. Manthan .

Students asked about the different opportunities, professional cum cultural growth, the challenges as well as lacunas arising in the Telecom industries.

His enthusiastic and interactive influence filled the students with vigour and exuberance .

The program concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Satyam Jha , Training and placement cell coordinator.

 vote of thanks delivered by Satyam Jha

 Dr. Ghanshyam Rai presented memento to the trainer, and the students gave special thanks for providing them a different outlook to question things. Quoting one of the students, “The manner in which he connected all the new emerging things  with physical world and his explanation in such glib way was much easier to understand.”

Dr. Ghanshyam Rai presented memento to the trainer.

All the successful candidates will receive certification from Ericsson after the announcement of  qualification of the concluding test.

This will unquestionably have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries all across the country.
In his words ,It’s just fine. You may not get all answers from your professor, books. But never stop thinking. Never give up on your thoughts. Keep questioning .

A moonshot thinking is required to do anything big and catch up with the changing times and technologies. Start with basics and try to excel.

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