• Witnessing the historic Deshpande Auditorium that was henpecked by the first and second year students,
    Mr. Bal Krishna Baranwal , a prestigious alumnus of BIT Sindri currently serving in Tata Consultancy Services as the Operations Head for India Buisness of TCS, visited BIT Sindri campus on Friday 3rd, November’17.As reported he has a sum of over 30 years of experience in various roles across the world including USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and India.

Ably organised by the T&P Cell under the aegis of our honorable director Dr. D.K. Singh and Prof. In-Charge of T&P Cell – Dr. Ghanshyam Rai, the seminar titled Life- Skill Development for Excellence in Career and Recent Trends in Technology.

The workshop session commenced with an insightful presentation giving an overview of recent trends and demands of the company. Mr. Barnwal affirmed that in the next 20-30 years India is going to invest a huge amount in infrastructure like railways, industries and other new projects . So there is an exhilirating journey ahead for the talented and curious mind. To compete in the future what one needs to have is the knowledge of life skills, writing and communication skills, and above all leadership quality.

The real emphasis was on how students could pursue a career in industry. What does it take to crack that tough business deal? Is it sharp business sense? Experience? Not really. They do help but they are just not enough. The key to modern corporate and business success is personality. An affable, interactive outlook, impromptu speech-making, voice development and modulation are stressed on.”

He also focussed upon the requirement for getting a job in TCS. Among these were – learning a good programming language, DBMS, using the data with efficacy and proficiency in English. Apart from this, he stressed upon the importance of academics.
TCS is one of the many companies that emphasises on personality. It hired trainers of Corporate Finesse to hone the personality of its employees which bears a testimony to the same.


Apart from all these things Mr. Barnwal shared his thoughts about life skills. Any professional ought to have the following qualities to succeed in life :

Think big , dream big. Have vivid thoughts on your career path based on your passion. Explore it in a few years if you are not sure. Don’t think too much about the failure – it is an incident – take learning and move on but remember that the world shall not give you too many opportunities, so don’t repeat your mistakes and get exposed to unnecessary criticism. It is said, “Mistake is the first step to success. But the fact is correction of mistake is the first step to success.
He also mentioned few sources to learn from among which were Internship, industry visits, projects, conference, presentation, meeting and web based learning.

  • Addressing students on how they could pursue a career, he summarized the session in 4 points.
    Satisfaction is joy.
    Do whatever , but enjoy it.
    Compare your present with your past.
    Do by thinking you are giving to your family , society , country and the world . Give your best.

An interactive session then followed, wherein queries from students were smoothly answered by Mr. Barnwal. At the end of the workshop, he further interacted with the T&P Cell members regarding the placement scenario of the institute.
Special thanks to Aman Kumar Sah , 2k15 and Shamshad Alam , 2k14 for their contribution to this report.

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