All it comes down to is nationalism, isn’t it? No sooner do we watch a news bulletin on air of Indo-China dispute, than the dead patriotism inside every Indian starts cauterizing.

We Indians are born effigies of self-proclaimed nationalists, defined in our own dictionary. The statements would become more lucid once you acquaint yourself with the toxic truth. Well, it’s time now that we absolve our vision from the dust-ridden goggles of hypocrisy.

Beginning with a question, “Which phone are you currently using while reading this article – a Xiaomi or Lenovo; an Oppo or a Vivo? And why not? It’s providing a plethora of options to tight-budget consumers with cool and quality stuffs, to stamp a benchmark over technology. Meanwhile, China is actually dictating terms with Indian market and technology in the hands of youth. No matter how much we lament on this fact, but Indian companies stand nowhere in the proximity of being competent with Chinese giants. Accept this – we have been outperformed in manufacturing technology.

Can I ask one question to Indian governments – “Why hasn’t there been a single electronic chip manufacturer company in our country even after so many years of freedom? The garrulous mode you have turned on the switch of, pertaining to Digital India is nowhere providing aid to this era. What we are ultimately contrived to do is – importing goods from countries like China.

58802084    More than 30 years of experience in developing Biogas Digester Programme, coupled with favorable climate and the world’s largest cattle population – India has produced a mere 70,000 digesters, of which one out of five is no longer operational. You would wonder, how the Chinese have been able to install about seven million biogas plants in a span of only about four years. And it’s ruefully ridiculous how we keep backtracking on Gau Raksha.

You might be cognizant that Reliance Jio is planning to launch a 4G enabled feature phone that could be priced as low as INR 1500. But you would not be apprised of the fact that Jio is already in business with Chinese manufacturers to source these phones. This again is a clear demonstration of how exposed our nationalism is.

India is known to be an agriculture dominated land, right? In the age of globalization, what Indian farmers are doing? Being helpless, pushed to the gallows. Indeed a highly disgraceful state, while the Dragon produces 50% of the world’s vegetables along with ranking as the top producer of tea, rice, wheat and cotton. Do we have any answer to the pitiable plight of our farmers?

India produces various tropical fruits but they are not exported to China due to lack of infrastructure facilities like dilapidated border roads and insufficient cold storages. India cannot export IT services to China due to language barrier. India has become dumping ground of goods for China and despite the anti-dumping duties, we are not able to control this. Trade deficit is $48bn in China’s favour.

It is believed that 21st century belongs to Asia. Without the peaceful co-existence of the two emerging superpowers of the world this won’t be possible. The solution to all the problems – territorial, political and economical, lies in attainment of Modus Vivendi between the two nations, strengthening our economic development at the same time.

Actions taken by the government :

Make in India

  • Formation of Special Representative Groups (SRGs) to draw guidelines for the settlement of disputes.
  • Developmental Projects like SAGARMALA (building infrastructure at the coastline and ports) and BHARATMALA (for development of road transport)
  • ‘INVEST IN INDIA‘ announcement by the finance minister during his China visit 2015-16 , encouraging inflow of FDI
  • Introduction of Bankruptcy and Insolvency code.
  • One nation, one taxation- GST.
  • Liberalization of the rules of Acquisition of Land.


For the self-proclaimed nationalists, Nationalism is just a fad. We can only pay heed to debates on television over Gau Raksha and Ram Mandir. Well it’s not just the government’s job but the morale as well as constitutional responsibility of every individual to help in the development process. Promotion of indigenous goods and technology is the basic requirement of the hour, by the state as well as the society. Strengthening the manufacturing capacity of the nation with infrastructural development alongside is the key to boost our economy.

Self strengthening is the only way to win this undeclared war.’






5 thoughts on “INDO-CHINA CONFLICT: Hypocrisy & Nationalism

  1. A very informative article underlining the dual face of our nationalism. The other issues highlighted there are also very important. Yes but to cope up with the Chinese propaganda it becomes pretty much necessary to increase and improve the production and quality of commodities in which the dragon has monopoly like electronics,smartphone.
    Since nowadays smartphone has became the part of our daily life this issue must be paid attention.
    Ram mandir and gauraksha are given undued and unjustified and a very negative coverage ,returning to the point nation’s integrity ,security is mandatory.

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  2. Reading this one major issue also comes up- Role of Indian media. Nationalism always takes precedence above all other issues and indian media has taken up baton of war mongering. Watching TV debates is hell for ears and my Indian values which is living in peace.

    It is tym we leave war mongering and cultivate the ancient Indian Culture of art of living first.

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  3. Good article. Just to add, China’s export to India is just 2% of its total Exports, so even if we boycott all Chinese products and services it won’t do much harm to China. It’s just that China in the name becoming next Superpower after America’s ceding the title that it won’t attack India. It wants to become a responsible nation in the eyes of the other nation and hence it’s projects like OBOR are on the way.

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  4. It’s true China-India is emerging super powers & China is far ahead in the manufacturing sector.(India only shares about 25% of GDP in this sector)
    Coming to India, still, about half of population in India are doing agricultural activities. We still fighting with so many social issues. Ofcourse corruption has been an obstacle in the path of development.
    Government is made to take care of people, to provide oppurtinity.(Of course, in recent years they have taken many steps for this)
    Today, We are facing big problems like unemployment.The only solution is the education & awareness.
    If everyone will contribute their part then the nation will arise.
    “Together we can grow!”

    **Statically: India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan; and, by 2030, India’s dependency ratio should be just over 0.4.

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